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The Wanderer

French covers: Je suis un vagabond - LE VAGABOND est le bon titre

as by

Richard Anthony, 1962

Les Missiles , 1962 : yes, sorry. Ca n'existe pas. Ma mémoire n'est plus ce qu'elle était :-(

En fait, c'est EL TORO & LES CYCLONES en 1962 (Magic Records 521452, 1995) Texte de mon ami Marc Liozon "Le Club des années 60". Page sur Facebook.

The Four Seasons

another original: Connie-O by The Four Seasons, 10/1962 (US #1 next November - UK #13 in Feb. 1963.

Songwriters: Bob Crewe - Bob Gaudio

cover: Les Missiles as O Connie, 1963

French lyrics: Jean-Claude Annoux.

Double CD compiled by Magic Records, France 1996.

Reference: 524442-1 - see att.


Le roi des fous: ad. by Bruno Nencioli from King of fools by Gene Vincent, 03/63 (songwriter: B. Barratt) Added in the meantime


George Hamilton IV Added in the meantime

another original issued in 1963.

French cover: Les Missiles as Marilyn (!), 1963 (Monroe !) Added in the meantime

Italian cover: Les Missiles as Come fai, 1964

nota: once and for all: sources from magic Records, France, 1996 (524 442) Wink

Chubby Checker

German traditional called Auf de Schwäb'sche Eisebahne

Cover by Chubby Checker , Troola-Troola-Troola-La (Good old Schwäb'sche Eisenbahn), 1964, in German!