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I should have noted that the track is billed as Faithless featuring Blancmange (who actually did appear in the studio to sing and to play on the version).


Written by Lee Perry

First out as a single by The Creators, Amalgamated Records, AMG 821, 1968.

Covered by The Fall in session for Peel, recorded between 15th - 19th January 1992 - produced by Dale Griffin. Complete with a nod to Perrys' nutty studio clink clunking and bottle smashing. Who said Smith wasn't a music fan?

The Fall's Peel session version was so good it was afforded the status of a special 7" and 12" release in 1993.

Written by Lee Perry / Joe Gibbs

Originally done by Sir Gibbs on a 7" on Amalgamated Records, 1968, AMG 822.

People Grudgeful was released by Joe Gibbs, the boss of Amalgamated Records, under the name Sir Gibbs. It was a musical response to Lee Perry's People Funny Boy (on the same riddim), which had been a vitriolic attack on Perry's former producer and label owner, Gibbs.

Covered by The Fall as "Why Are People Grudgeful?" on "The Infotainment Scan" album of 1993.

Written by Lee Hazlewood

First out by Nancy Sinatra b-side to "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" in 1965.

Covered by The Fall, recorded 17th December 1995 in session for John Peel as "The City Never Sleeps". First released in 2003.

Here's correct title and songwriting confirmation for The Fall's version...