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Cradle Song

It took me a while to figure this out: work 47297 "Away in a Manger" appears twice, as an adaptation of "Luther's Cradle Hymn" (work 113948) and as an adaptation of Cradle Song" (work 113949) so the whole list of 311 entries appears twice on the page. I thought at first it was 2 lists reflecting the 2 major melodies used (the Mueller melody and the Kirkpatrick melody). Can we make it so the list just appears once?

Also, should the Kirkpatrick melody be its own work? It would be hard to separate out all 311 entries, and in some cases if we don't have access to a recording we wouldn't know which melody was used. So maybe for performances we know use the Kirkpatrick melody we should just note that in the comments section.


Last Date

Not necessarily an error, but definitely a question. Is the video of Floyd Cramer's performance representative? Then the song has vocals, although not lyrics. Should it then be categorized as "undetermined" language rather than instrumental? That was my understanding of how we're supposed to categorize vocalese performances.

The only song from this album I added was Where I End and You Begin, so that's the only one I'm going to write about. I wasn't sure when adding it whether or not to add the stuff in parentheses and ultimately left it out. I'm happy to add it. Just want to get the exact capitalization and punctuation I should use. "Where I End and You Begin. (The Sky Is Falling In)"? Or don't include the period? Or use the capitalization on the album cover (The Sky is Falling in)? I think the SHS guidelines say to use the appropriate capitalization rules of the language, not how it's written by the artist.