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Video Killed the Radio Star

Courtesy of

The original of this song was Bruce Wooley & The Camera Club


(Bruce Woolley/Trevor Horn/Geoff Downes)

o: Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club (1979) - K-Tel

> Times change. Meanwhile it's Internet Killed The Video Shop.

c: Buggles (1979) band of coauthors Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes; n°1 UK, Geoffrey Downes (1993) solo, Presidents Of The United States (1996) and in film The Wedding Singer, Asia (1997) on Live In Osaka; again with coauthor Geoffrey Downes,

> Also by The Offspring, Cyndi Lauper, The Lemonheads and Ben Folds Five.

Andy, the editor responsible for this entry will correct it whenever it get's on top of his list. I believe Bastien still has a couple of forumpages with unsolved errors, so this can take some time.

It's a bad idea to post a reply like this, because now the forum thread goes up again in the list, so it will take even longer until it gets processed.

Thanks for letting me know Denis....I'm a new member here and the first impressions I get are that people are aloof and quite unwelcoming... :-\

At least I know the protocol now thankyou !! Wink

Ok then lets have a look

Freedom Come Freedom Go - Fortunes Sept 71 Added in the meantime

Gimme Dat Ding - March 1970

Give A Little Love - Mar 88

Good Morning Freedom - Mar 1970

I Don't Wanna Lose You - Nov 89

Little Arrows - Leapy Lee - Aug 68

Hi I'm Andy and I'm new here. I thought I'd start a thread to say hi and everything I've posted so far has gone without reply...

Anyway I love music and have a particular passion for originals and cover version so I feel I've a lot to contribute here Grin