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Song: The Red Rooster (Bastien)

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2006-07-30 04:49:18 GMT

The Red Rooster

According to the Originals book, the original is by Margie Day with The Griffin Brothers ('50) on the Dot label and titled "Little Red Rooster"

2007-01-13 17:37:15 GMT

Both the Originals book and Whitburn contradict that site..

2007-11-19 17:52:28 GMT

Contacted Dick Rosemont.

2007-11-19 20:14:21 GMT

I've just listened to "Little Red Rooster" on Acrobat ACRCD 209 "The Griffin Brothers: Blues with a beat - featuring Margie Day" and can confirm that it is a different song.

2008-10-26 20:46:03 GMT

Indeed. This is what Dick Rosemont says:

Hi Bastien,

I do have the Margie Day 78 and can assure you it's not related to Willie Dixon's composition. I'm quite careful about the information on my site. Of course I'm always open to corrections but this I'm positive about. FYI, the songwriting credit on Day's is Griffin-Griffin.


Dick Rosemont

And meanwhile Arnold Rypens has updated the information on his website:

De Little Red Rooster van Margie Day with The Griffin Brothers (Dot - '50) is een ander nummer.

We can now safely say the Margie Day song is a different song.