Arbors Records

Arbors Records
Jazz label established in 1989 by Mat and Rachel Domber to release recordings by their friend Rick Fay. The label initial specialized in Dixieland, but has branched into other mainstream jazz genres.


Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
07 8094 11251 2 2 Tommy Newsom Friendly Fire August 7, 2001 CD
ARCD 19101 Rick Fay's Hot 5 Live at Lone Pine 1990 CD
ARCD 19102 Rick Fay and Friends Hello Horn! 1990 CD
ARCD 19103 Rick Fay's Big 8 Featuring Johnny Mince, Dan Barrett & Ernie Carson Memories of You 1991 CD
ARCD 19104 Rick Fay & Jackie Coon Glendena Forever 1991 CD
ARCD 19105 Rick Fay and Friends Featuring Dan Barrett & Ernie Carson Oh Baby 1992 CD
ARCD 19106 Rick Fay and His Summa Orchestra This Is Where I Came In 1992 CD
ARCD 19108 Rick Fay and Friends Rolling On 1992 CD
ARCD 19112 The Bobby Gordon Quartet Featuring Adele Girard Marsala Don't Let It End 1992 CD
ARCD 19114 Johnny Varro, Dave Stone, Gene Estes Everything I Love 1993 CD
ARCD 19116 Dan Barrett - John Sheridan Two Sleepy People 1996 CD
ARCD 19117 Chuck Folds Hitting His Stride 1996 CD
ARCD 19120 Rick Fay's Endangered Species Rick Fay's Endangered Species 1993 CD
ARCD 19124 Dan Barrett, featuring Al Jenkins, with Rick Fay, Ray Sherman, David Stone, Jeff Hamilton Reunion With Al 1995 CD
ARCD 19127 George Masso & Dan Barrett Let's Be Buddies 1995 CD
ARCD 19136 Rebecca Kilgore with Dan Barrett's Celestial Six I Saw Stars 1995 CD
ARCD 19146 Tom Saunders and the Wild Bill Davison Legacy Call of the Wild 1996 CD
ARCD 19147 Kenny Davern and The Rhythm Men Kenny Davern and The Rhythm Men 1996 CD
ARCD 19154 Daryl Sherman Featuring Arrangements by Dan Barrett Look What I Found 1996 CD
ARCD 19169 Rebecca Kilgore, Dave Frishberg Not a Care in the World 1997 CD
ARCD 19170 Kenny Davern Breezin' Along 1997 CD
ARCD 19173 George Masso That Old Gang of Mine October 21, 1997 CD
ARCD 19174 The Joe Ascione Trio Post No Bills 1998 CD
ARCD 19176 Herb Pomeroy, Donna Byrne Walking on Air 1997 CD
ARCD 19178 Johnny Varro Say Yes - Arbors Piano Series at Mike's Place, Volume 2 1998 CD
ARCD 19179 Scott Robinson [1] Thinking Big 1997 CD
ARCD 19182 John Sheridan and His Dream Band Something Tells Me 1997 CD
ARCD 19184 John Bunch Solo, Arbors Piano Series at Mike's Place, Volume 1 1997 CD
ARCD 19185 Dave Frishberg By Himself - Arbors Piano Series, Volume 3 May 1998 CD
ARCD 19186 Ray Sherman Piano Chicago Style - Arbor Piano Series, Volume 4 November 3, 1998 CD
ARCD 19195 Tommy Newsom and Ken Peplowski The Feeling of Jazz April 6, 1999 CD
ARCD 19198 The Johnny Varro Swing 7 Afterglow February 1999 CD
ARCD 19200 Ben Aronov The Best Thing for Me 1998 CD
ARCD 19207 Kenny Davern Smiles 1999 CD
ARCD 19208 Chuck Folds and His Sweet Basil Friends Chuck Folds and His Sweet Basil Friends Remember Doc Cheatham April 11, 2000 CD
ARCD 19209 Bucky and John Pizzarelli The Pizzarellis - Contrasts February 9, 1999 CD
ARCD 19214 John Sheridan They Can't Take That Away from Me - Arbors Piano Series, Volume 5 September 14, 1999 CD
ARCD 19220 The Larry Eanet Quartet featuring Ron Hockett Sunset Stomp May 1999 CD
ARCD 19223 Bobby Gordon and Dave McKenna Clarinet Blue 2000 CD
ARCD 19238 Dan Barrett, Rebecca Kilgore Being a Bear - Jazz for the Whole Family 2000 CD
ARCD 19252 Skitch Henderson Swinging With Strings 2001 CD
ARCD 19254 Bucky Pizzarelli One Morning in May 2001 CD
ARCD 19255 Rebecca Kilgore & David Frishberg The Starlit Hour October 2001 CD
ARCD 19261 John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon Head to Head 2002 CD
ARCD 19262 John Sheridan and His Dream Band Featuring Rebecca Kilgore Get Rhythm in Your Feet 2002 CD
ARCD 19272 John Bunch With Dave Green and Steve Brown A Special Alliance 2002 CD
ARCD 19279 Daryl Sherman A Hundred Million Miracles June 3, 2003 CD
ARCD 19293 The Johnny Varro Trio Pure Imagination 2004 CD
ARCD 19294 The Michiko Ogawa Trio With Special Guest Harry Allen It's All About Love September 2, 2003 CD
ARCD 19295 Professor Peter O'Brien Jazz Piano of a Celtic Soul 2003 CD
ARCD 19296 The Kenny Davern Quartet At the Mill Hill Playhouse 2003 CD
ARCD 19301 Hanna Richardson and Phil Flanigan Simply...With Spirit 2004 CD
ARCD 19302 Sammy Sherman Sammy Sherman - A Jazz Original - Live at Chan's - His Autumnal Statement 2004 CD
ARCD 19304 Sara Caswell But Beautiful July 2005 CD
ARCD 19312 Tommy Newsom and His Octo-Pussycats Tommy Newsom and His Octo-Pussycats 2005 CD
ARCD 19316 Aaron Weinstein A Handful of Stars October 11, 2005 CD
ARCD 19324 Jeff Barnhart In My Solitude - Arbors Piano Series, Volume 16 May 9, 2006 CD
ARCD 19330 The Ray Kennedy Trio With Special Guest Joe Cohn The Ray Kennedy Trio Plays the Music of Arthur Schwartz March 13, 2007 CD
ARCD 19333 The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet Hey, Look Me Over March 14, 2006 CD
ARCD 19338 Allan Vaché With Benny in Mind March 13, 2007 CD
ARCD 19340 Howard Alden & Ken Peplowski Pow-Wow 2007 CD
ARCD 19341 Daryl Sherman Guess Who's in Town! 2006 CD
ARCD 19344 Bucky Pizzarelli 5 for Freddie - Bucky's Tribute to Freddie Green February 13, 2007 CD
ARCD 19345 Bucky and John Pizzarelli Generations April 10, 2007 CD
ARCD 19354 The Harry Allen–Joe Cohn Quartet with Rebecca Kilgore & Eddie Erickson The Harry Allen–Joe Cohn Quartet Performs Music From Guys and Dolls July 10, 2007 CD
ARCD 19355 Aaron Weinstein & John Pizzarelli Blue Too February 12, 2008 CD
ARCD 19356 Rebecca Kilgore & David Frishberg Why Fight the Feeling? - Songs by Frank Loesser 2008 CD
ARCD 19360 Ron Hockett, John Sheridan, James Chirillo, Phil Flanigan, Jake Hanna Finally Ron January 13, 2009 CD
ARCD 19363 Johnny Varro featuring Ken Peplowski with Frank Tate and Joe Ascione Two Legends of Jazz April 19, 2009 CD
ARCD 19365 Randy Sandke With Howard Alden, Nicki Parrott, John Riley Unconventional Wisdom 2008 CD
ARCD 19367 Larry Ham Just Me, Just You... 2008 CD
ARCD 19380 The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet featuring Special Guests Rebecca Kilgore & Eddie Erickson with Joel Forbes and Chuck Riggs The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet Plays Music from South Pacific July 14, 2009 CD
ARCD 19382 Duke Heitger, Bernd Lhotzky Doin' the Voom Voom May 12, 2009 CD
ARCD 19387 Nicki Parrott, Rossano Sportiello Do It Again 2009 CD
ARCD 19388 Daryl Sherman Johnny Mercer - A Centennial Tribute June 23, 2009 CD
ARCD 19394 "Buck" Pizzarelli and the West Texas Tumbleweeds Diggin' Up Bones November 9, 2009 CD
ARCD 19396 Allan Vaché Look to the Sky November 9, 2010 CD
ARCD 19400 Carol Sloane We'll Meet Again 2010 CD
ARCD 19401 Howard Alden I Remember Django 2011 CD
ARCD 19403 John Bunch, featuring Frank Vignola and John Webber Do Not Disturb 2010 CD
ARCD 19414 "Buck" Pizzarelli and the West Texas Tumbleweeds Back in the Saddle Again March 8, 2011 CD
ARCD 19416 Scott Hamilton, Howard Alden, Frank Tate A Splendid Trio 2011 CD
ARCD 19423 Jacob Fischer with Bucky Pizzarelli, Antti Sarpila, Nicki Parrott, Eddie Metz Guitarist 2012 CD
ARCD 19428 Keith Ingham Rockin' in Rhythm - Arbors Piano Series, Volume 23 2011 CD
ARCD 19432 Rick Fay Rick Fay Live! In 91' - The Dixieland We Love January 17, 2011 CD
ARCD 19440 The Chris Flory Quintet featuring Scott Hamilton The Chris Flory Quintet Featuring Scott Hamilton April 2012 CD
ARCD 29102 Rick Fay and Friends Live at the State 1993 CD