Years active: 1946-1982

Sublabel of Polydor (1972-...)
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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
L 11 Judy Garland In the Good Old Summertime 1949 Vinyl
E 3281 various artists Kismet 1955 Vinyl
E 3715 Jane Russell Jane Russell 1958 Vinyl
SE 3933 Joni James When I Fall in Love [Stereo] 1961 Vinyl
CS 8090 Sun Dragon Green Tambourine 1968 Vinyl

2315 xxx [Europe]

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
2315 248 Neil Sedaka The Tra La Days Are Over August 1973 Vinyl

E 3000 - E 3599

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
E 3077 various artists Kiss Me, Kate 1953 Vinyl
E 3135 ST various artists Brigadoon 1954 Vinyl
E 3146 Kay Thompson Kay Thompson Sings 1954 Vinyl
E 3240 Joni James When I Fall in Love 1955 Vinyl
E 3259 Preacher Rollo and The Five Saints Dixieland Favorites 1955 Vinyl
E 3260 Eddie Heywood Eddie Heywood 1956 Vinyl
E 3280 Dick Hyman Trio The Dick Hyman Trio Swings 1955 Vinyl
E 3328 Joni James Sings In the Still of the Night 1956 Vinyl
E 3348 Joni James Let There Be Love 1956 Vinyl
E 3403 Preacher Rollo and The Saints Swanee River Jazz 1956 Vinyl
E 3448 Betty Madigan Am I Blue? 1956 Vinyl
E 3456 Phil Moody Trio Pleasant Moments 1956 Vinyl
E 3462 Eddie Getz Quintet The Eddie Getz Qunitet 1956 Vinyl
E 3502 Floyd Cramer That Honky Tonk Piano 1957 Vinyl
E 3561 Eddie Condon Eddie Condon Is Uptown Now! 1958 Vinyl
E 3573 Sam (The Man) Taylor and His Orchestra Prelude to Blues 1957 Vinyl
E 3593 Cleo Laine Meet Cleo - Cleo Laine Sings 1957 Vinyl

E 501-559

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
E 509 various artists Annie Get Your Gun 1950 Vinyl
E 545 Lena Horne Lena Horne Sings 1952 Vinyl

E/K/X/MGM 1 - 353

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MGM 1 various artists Till the Clouds Roll By 1946 78rpm set
MGM 3 David Rose and His Orchestra Holiday for Strings 1947 78rpm set
MGM 37 various artists Words and Music 1949 78rpm set
MGM 40 various artists Easter Parade 1949 78rpm set
E 113 various artists Singin' in the Rain 1952 Vinyl
E 155 George Shearing Quintet I Hear Music 1952 Vinyl
E 165 Sarah Vaughan Tenderly 1952 Vinyl
E 208 Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 Vinyl
E 257 Billy Eckstine I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart 1954 Vinyl
X 272 Joni James Little Girl Blue 1955 Vinyl

E/SE 36xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
E 3616 Art Mooney & His All Stars Hi-Fi Dixieland 1957 Vinyl
SE 3641 ST various artists Gigi 1958 Vinyl
E 3686 Connie Francis Who's Sorry Now? 1958 Vinyl
SE 3699 Morty Craft and His Orchestra Jazz in Black Tie 1958 Vinyl

E/SE 37xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
E 3707 Roy Acuff Favorite Hymns 1958 Vinyl
SE 3739 Joni James Joni James Sings Songs of Hank Williams 1959 Vinyl
SE 3743 Skip Martin [1] 8 Brass, 5 Sax, 4 Rhythm 1959 Vinyl
SE 3744 Conway Twitty Conway Twitty Sings March 1959 Vinyl
SE 3749 Joni James Joni Sings Irish Favorites 1959 Vinyl
SE 3755 Joni James 100 Strings and Joni 1959 Vinyl
SE 3761 Connie Francis The Exciting Connie Francis 1959 Vinyl
SE 3764 Billie Holiday, Ray Ellis and His Orchestra Billie Holiday [MGM] 1959 Vinyl
SE 3777 Jimmy Newman This is Jimmy Newman 1959 Vinyl
SE 3780 Billy Mure Supersonic Guitars August 1959 Vinyl
SE 3783 Sam (The Man) Taylor More Blue Mist - In the Mood for Sax 1959 Vinyl
SE 3786 Conway Twitty Saturday Night With Conway Twitty September 1959 Vinyl
SE 3791 Connie Francis Italian Favorites 1959 Vinyl
SE 3792 Connie Francis Christmas in My Heart November 1959 Vinyl
SE 3794 Connie Francis Rock 'n Roll Million Sellers November 1959 Vinyl
SE 3795 Connie Francis Country & Western Golden Hits 1959 Vinyl

E/SE 38xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 3809 Charlie Shavers Charlie Digs Dixie 1959 Vinyl
SE 3818 Conway Twitty Lonely Blue Boy February 1960 Vinyl
SE 3827 Dick Hyman His Piano & Trio After Six 1960 Vinyl
SE 3828 Mark Dinning Teen Angel 1960 Vinyl
SE 3832 Earl "Fatha" Hines Earl's Pearls 1960 Vinyl
SE 3839 Joni James 100 Strings & Joni on Broadway 1960 Vinyl
SE 3845 Roger King Mozian Spectacular Percussion 1960 Vinyl
SE 3847 Jimmy Jones Good Timin' May 1960 Vinyl
E 3850 Hank Williams Wait for the Light to Shine 1960 Vinyl
SE 3853 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings Spanish and Latin American Favorites 1960 Vinyl
SE 3869 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites September 1960 Vinyl
SE 3871 Connie Francis More Italian Favorites 1960 Vinyl
SE 3872 various artists The Fantasticks 1960 Vinyl
SE 3874 Leroy Holmes and His Orchestra Hawaii With a Bongo Beat 1960 Vinyl
SE 3882 Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong, Arranged and Conducted by Billy May Bing & Satchmo 1960 Vinyl
SE 3896 Larry Elgart The Shape of Sounds to Come 1961 Vinyl

E/SE 39xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 3907 Conway Twitty Rock 'N Roll Story 1960 Vinyl
SE 3912 various artists We Wrote 'Em and We Sing 'Em 1961 Vinyl
SE 3938 Joni James Joni James Sings Songs by Jerome Kern and Songs by Harry Warren 1961 Vinyl
SE 3943 Conway Twitty The Conway Twitty Touch June 1961 Vinyl
E 3955 Hank Williams The Spirit of Hank Williams 1961 Vinyl
SE 3965 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings "Never on Sunday" and Other Title Songs From Motion Pictures 1961 Vinyl
SE 3969 Connie Francis Sings Folk Song favorites October 1961 Vinyl
SE 3987 Joni James The Mood Is Swinging! 1961 Vinyl
SE 3991 Joni James The Mood Is Blue 1961 Vinyl
E 3999 Hank Williams On Stage 1962 Vinyl

E/SE 40xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4009 Eartha Kitt Bad but Beautiful 1962 Vinyl
SE 4013 Connie Francis, Arranged and Conducted By Don Costa Connie Francis Sings Irish Favorites 1962 Vinyl
SE 4019 Conway Twitty Conway Twitty Sings Portrait of a Fool January 1962 Vinyl
SE 4026 Sheb Wooley That's My Pa and That's My Ma April 1962 Vinyl
SE 4048 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings Award Winning Motion Picture Hits 1962 Vinyl
SE 4055 Joni James I'm Your Girl 1962 Vinyl
SE 4062 David Rose and His Orchestra David Rose and His Orchestra Play The Stripper and Other Fun Songs for the Family 1962 Vinyl
SE 4079 Connie Francis Country Music Connie Style July 1962 Vinyl
SE 4088 Richard Chamberlain Richard Chamberlain Sings 1963 Vinyl
SE 4089 Conway Twitty R&B 63 1963 Vinyl
SE 4091 The Catamaran Seranaders Tempos of Tahiti 1962 Vinyl

K/M 14xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
K 14517 Kenny Seratt This Just Ain't No Good Day For Leavin' March 1973 Vinyl

Mxx 5xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
M3G 5009 Hank Williams, Jr. Hank Williams, Jr. and Friends 1975 Vinyl
M3G 5014 Tompall Glaser and His Outlaw Band The Great Tompall and His Outlaw Band January 1976 Vinyl
MG1 5023 Jack Jones Nobody Does It Better 1979 Vinyl
MG1 5024 Jack Jones Don't Stop Now 1980 Vinyl

S1E/1SE/2SES [Soundtrack]

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
1SE 34 C various artists Grease 1972 Vinyl
S1E 6 ST Maurice Jarre Doctor Zhivago 1965 Vinyl

SE 41xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4101 Joni James Country Style... December 1962 Vinyl
SE 4102 Connie Francis Modern Italian Hits 1962 Vinyl
SE 4103 Pat Thomas, Arranged and Conducted by Lalo Schifrin Desafinado 1963 Vinyl
SE 4110 Lalo Schifrin Piano, Strings and Bossa Nova January 1963 Vinyl
SE 4128 Bill Henderson with the Oscar Peterson Trio Bill Henderson With the Oscar Peterson Trio 1963 Vinyl
SE 4139 Roy Hamilton Warm Soul 1963 Vinyl
SE 4145 Connie Francis Greatest American Waltzes August 1963 Vinyl
SE 4159 Irene Reid It's Only the Beginning for Irene Reid 1963 Vinyl
SE 4182 Joni James Like 3 O'Clock in the Morning 1963 Vinyl
SE 4188 Johnny Tillotson Talk Back Trembling Lips November 1963 Vinyl

SE 42xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4206 Pat Thomas Moody's Mood 1964 Vinyl
SE 4213 Hank Williams Jr Sings the Songs of Hank Williams May 1964 Vinyl
SE 4217 Conway Twitty Hit the Road! February 1964 Vinyl
SE 4224 Johnny Tillotson The Tillotson Touch May 1964 Vinyl
SE 4248 Joni James Put on a Happy Face 1964 Vinyl
SE 4251 Connie Francis & Hank Williams, Jr Connie Francis & Hank Williams, Jr Sing Great Country Favorites 1964 Vinyl
SE 4264 The Animals The Animals [US release] September 1964 Vinyl
SE 4268 Fran Jeffries Fran Jeffries Sings of Sex and the Single Girl 1964 Vinyl
SE 4270 Johnny Tillotson She Understands Me November 1964 Vinyl
SE 4276 Hank Williams Sr and Hank Williams Jr Father & Son March 1965 Vinyl
SE 4281 The Animals The Animals on Tour March 1965 Vinyl
SE 4282 Herman's Hermits Introducing Herman's Hermits February 1965 Vinyl
SE 4286 Joni James Bossa Nova Style 1965 Vinyl
SE 4292 Riz Ortolani Music from The Yellow Rolls Royce May 1965 Vinyl
SE 4297 Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs Wooly Bully 1965 Vinyl

SE 43xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4302 Johnny Tillotson That's My Style July 1965 Vinyl
SE 4303 Molly Bee It's Great ... It's Molly Bee August 1965 Vinyl
SE 4309 Danny Davis and The Nashville Strings Herman's Hermits Songbook 1965 Vinyl
SE 4314 Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs Their Second Album 1965 Vinyl
SE 4316 Hank Williams Jr. Ballads of the Hills & Plains September 1965 Vinyl
SE 4328 Johnny Tillotson Johnny Tillotson Sings 1965 Vinyl
SE 4336 The Gentrys Keep on Dancing 1965 Vinyl
SE 4342 Herman's Hermits Hold On! 1966 Vinyl
SE 4344 Hank Williams Jr Blues My Name March 1966 Vinyl
SE 4346 The Gentrys Gentry Time 1966 Vinyl
SE 4347 Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs On Tour 1965 Vinyl
SE 4355 Connie Francis Jealous Heart February 1966 Vinyl
SE 4362 Lee Hazlewood The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood 1966 Vinyl
SE 4378 Hank Williams Sr and Hank Williams Jr Again September 1966 Vinyl
SE 4382 Connie Francis Movie Greats of the 60's July 1966 Vinyl
SE 4384 The Animals Animalization July 1966 Vinyl
SE 4388 Ian & Sylvia Lovin' Sound 1967 Vinyl
SE 4393 Cy Walter At the Drake 1966 Vinyl
SE 4398 Julius LaRosa You're Gonna Hear From Me 1966 Vinyl

SE 44xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4402 Johnny Tillotson The Christmas Touch November 1966 Vinyl
SE 4403 Lee Hazlewood Lee Hazlewoodism : It's Cause and Cure 1966 Vinyl
SE 4414 The Animals Animalism November 1966 Vinyl
SE 4415 Hugh Masekela Hugh Masekela's Next Album 1966 Vinyl
SE 4418 Sandy Posey Born a Woman November 1966 Vinyl
SE 4424 Roy Orbison Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson January 1967 Vinyl
SE 4428 Hank Williams Jr My Own Way April 1967 Vinyl
SE 4431 Sebastian Cabot Sebastian Cabot, Actor - Bob Dylan, Poet - A Dramatic Reading With Music 1967 Vinyl
SE 4432 Cyril Ornadel and The Starlight Symphony Forever Young - The Music of Victor Young 1967 Vinyl
SE 4433 Eric Burdon and The Animals Eric Is Here February 1967 Vinyl
SE 4438 Herman's Hermits There's a Kind of Hush All Over the World April 1967 Vinyl
SE 4447 ST Herbie Hancock and The Yardbirds Blow-Up 1966 Vinyl
SE 4450 Spyder Turner Stand By Me February 1967 Vinyl
SE 4453 The Stonemans Stonemans' Country April 1967 Vinyl
SE 4455 Sandy Posey Single Girl February 1967 Vinyl
SE 4475 Roy Orbison The Fastest Guitar Alive June 1967 Vinyl
SE 4477 Kim Weston For the First Time 1967 Vinyl
SE 4480 Sandy Posey I Take It Back July 1967 Vinyl
SE 4484 Eric Burdon & The Animals Winds of Change September 1967 Vinyl
SE 4487 Connie Francis My Heart Cries for You 1967 Vinyl
SE 4498 The Cowsills The Cowsills 1967 Vinyl

SE 45xx (x)

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4510 Tompall & The Glaser Brothers Through the Eyes of Love 1967 Vinyl
SE 4517 The Beacon Street Union The Eyes of The Beacon Street Union 1968 Vinyl
SE 4520 Erroll Garner Up in Erroll's Room 1967 Vinyl
SE 4522 Connie Francis Hawaii Connie 1968 Vinyl
SE 4523 Wayne Newton Walking on New Grass 1968 Vinyl
SE 4525 Sandy Posey Looking at You March 23, 1968 Vinyl
SE 4527 Hank Williams Jr My Songs January 1968 Vinyl
SE 4540 ST Hank Williams Jr. Hank Williams Jr. Sings Songs From Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's A Time to Sing June 1968 Vinyl
SE 4549 Wayne Newton One More Time - The Songs from His First TV Spectacular 1968 Vinyl
SE 4550 Ian and Sylvia Full Circle 1968 Vinyl
SE 4553 Eric Burdon & The Animals Every One of Us August 1968 Vinyl
SE 4559 Hank Williams Jr Luke the Drifter, Jr November 1968 Vinyl
SE 4568 The Beacon Street Union The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens 1968 Vinyl
SE 4573 Connie Francis Connie & Clyde - Hit Songs of the Thirties June 1968 Vinyl
SE 4577 The Glaser Brothers The Wonderful World Of The Glaser Brothers June 1968 Vinyl
SE 4578 The Stonemans The Great Stonemans June 1968 Vinyl
SE 4583 Bill Medley Bill Medley 100% 1968 Vinyl
SE 4585 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings Bacharach & David 1968 Vinyl
SE 4591 2 Eric Burdon & The Animals Love Is December 1968 Vinyl
SE 4594 Wayne Newton "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife" and "Town & Country" 1969 Vinyl

SE 46xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4600 Ultimate Spinach Ultimate Spinach 1969 Vinyl
SE 4603 Bill Medley Soft and Soulful 1969 Vinyl
SE 4607 Julie Budd Wild and Wonderful 1969 Vinyl
SE 4617 The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground March 1969 Vinyl
SE 4619 The Cowsills The Cowsills in Concert 1969 Vinyl
SE 4629 Ben Colder Have One On July 1969 Vinyl
SE 4636 Roy Orbison Roy Orbison's Many Moods May 1969 Vinyl
SE 4640 Bill Medley Someone Is Standing Outside 1970 Vinyl
SE 4644 Hank Williams Jr Live at Cobo Hall Detroit July 1969 Vinyl
SE 4650 Conway Twitty You Can't Take the Country out of Conway September 1969 Vinyl
SE 4655 Connie Francis Connie Francis Sings the Songs of Les Reed 1969 Vinyl
SE 4657 Hank Williams Jr Siunday Morning December 1969 Vinyl
SE 4673 Hank Williams Jr Luke the Drifter, [Vol. 3] 1970 Vinyl
SE 4674 Big Ben Colder Wild Again 1970 Vinyl
SE 4675 Hank Williams Jr The Great Hits of Johnny Cash June 1970 Vinyl
SE 4682 Billy Walker When a Man Loves a Woman (The Way That I Love You) August 1970 Vinyl
SE 4683 Roy Orbison Hank Williams the Roy Orbison Way August 1970 Vinyl

SE 47xx (x)

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
1 SE 4796 The Osmonds Phase III 1971 Vinyl
SE 4702 Bill Medley Nobody Knows 1970 Vinyl
SE 4710 2 Eric Burdon and War The Black-Man's Burdon December 1970 Vinyl
SE 4721 Hank Williams, Jr. and Lois Johnson Removing the Shadow September 1970 Vinyl
SE 4723 Bill Evans From Left To Right 1970 Vinyl
SE 4757 Mel Tillis and The Statesiders The Arms of a Fool - Commercial Affection January 1971 Vinyl
SE 4770 The Osmonds Homemade June 1971 Vinyl
SE 4771 Lou Rawls Natural Man 1971 Vinyl
SE 4782 Donny Osmond The Donny Osmond Album July 1971 Vinyl
SE 4783 6680 Lexington 6680 Lexington 1971 Vinyl
SE 4797 Donny Osmond To You With Love, Donny October 1971 Vinyl
SE 4798 Hank Williams, Jr. with The Mike Curb Congregation Sweet Dreams December 1971 Vinyl

SE 48xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4801 The Coven Coven 1971 Vinyl
SE 4812 Tompall & The Glaser Brothers Rings and Things February 1972 Vinyl
SE 4820 Donny Osmond Portrait of Donny May 1972 Vinyl
SE 4843 Hank Williams Jr Eleven Roses July 1972 Vinyl
SE 4849 Jeannie C. Riley Down to Earth October 1972 Vinyl
SE 4851 The Osmonds Crazy Horses October 1972 Vinyl
SE 4855 Little Jimmy Osmond Killer Joe 1972 Vinyl
SE 4857 Hank Williams Jr and Lois Johnson Send Me Some Lovin' - Whole Lotta Loving 1972 Vinyl
SE 4858 Joey Heatherton The Joey Heatherton Album September 1972 Vinyl
SE 4861 Lou Rawls A Man of Value 1973 Vinyl
SE 4862 Hank Williams, Jr. After You - Pride's Not Hard to Swallow March 1973 Vinyl
SE 4867 Roy Orbison Memphis November 1972 Vinyl
SE 4869 Mae West Great Balls of Fire 1972 Vinyl
SE 4877 Pat Boone Pat Boone and the First Nashville Jesus Band December 1972 Vinyl
SE 4878 Eddy Arnold So Many Ways / If the Whole World Stopped Lovin' February 1973 Vinyl
SE 4898 Jud Strunk Daisy A Day 1972 Vinyl
SE 4899 Pat Boone I Love You More and More Every Day 1973 Vinyl
SE 4886 Donny Osmond Alone Together 1973 Vinyl

SE/M3x 49xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SE 4901 Friends Friends 1973 Vinyl
SE 4902 The Osmonds The Plan 1973