Subsidiary of Mercury Records.
In the CD era shortly revived when Mercury was part of PolyGram.


Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
00 4228 41902 2 0 Tony! Toni! Tone! The Revival 1990 CD
MGW 12006 Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra Music for Dancing Feet 1955 Vinyl
MGW 12112 The Platters Encores! September 1959 Vinyl
SRW 16220 Bill Harris [1] Great Guitar Sounds 1959 Vinyl
SRW 16225 Eddie South, Mike Simpson Music for the Birds 1962 Vinyl
SRW 16282 The Weasels The Liverpool Beat 1964 Vinyl
SRW 16283 Roy Drusky All Time Country Hits May 1964 Vinyl
SRW 16319 W Teresa Brewer Terrific Teresa Brewer! 1963 Vinyl
WC 16337 The Underground Psychedelic Visions 1967 Vinyl
WL 1032 Denny Seyton and The Sabres It's the Gear 1965 Vinyl
WL 1040 Allan Bruce The Road to the Isles 1960 Vinyl
WL 1074 Ian and the Zodiacs Gear Again - 12 Hits 1965 Vinyl
WL 1150 The Pupils A Tribute to the Rolling Stones 1966 Vinyl