Private Stock Records

Private Stock Records
Label founded by Larry Uttal in New York City in 1974. The label folded in 1978.


Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
PVLP 1003 Mud Use Your Imagination December 1975 Vinyl
PVLP 1005 Frankie Valli Fallen Angel 1976 Vinyl
PS 2007 The Band of the Black Watch Scotch on the Rocks 1976 Vinyl
PS 2010 José Feliciano Angela 1976 Vinyl
PS 2015 The Walter Murphy Band A Fifth of Beethoven August 1976 Vinyl
PS 2019 David Soul David Soul 1976 Vinyl
PS 2021 Rod Stewart A Shot of Rhythm & Blues 1976 Vinyl
PS 2022 José Feliciano Sweet Soul Music 1976 Vinyl
PS 2023 Blondie Blondie December 1976 Vinyl
PS 2028 Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band Rhapsody in Blue 1977 Vinyl
PS 2030 Robert Gordon with Link Wray Robert Gordon with Link Wray 1977 Vinyl
PS 7002 Frankie Valli Lady Put the Light Out 1977 Vinyl
PS 7007 Benny Mardones Thank God for Girls 1978 Vinyl
PS 7008 Robert Gordon with Link Wray Fresh Fish Special April 1978 Vinyl
PS 7009 Samantha Sang Emotion March 1978 Vinyl
PS 7011 Rosetta Stone [1] Rosetta Stone May 1978 Vinyl