Dot Records

Dot Records
Parent label of Crystalette.


Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
DEP 1055 Pat Boone A Date With Pat Boone 1957 Vinyl
DEP 1056 Pat Boone with Orchestra A Closer Walk with Thee [EP] May 1957 Vinyl
DEP 1062 Pat Boone Merry Christmas [EP] November 1957 Vinyl
DEP 1066 Billy Vaughn Four by Billy Vaughn 1958 Vinyl
DEP 1068 Pat Boone The Lord's Prayer [EP] 1958 Vinyl
DLP 3010 Russell Procope The Persuasive Sax of Russ Procope 1956 Vinyl
DLP 3011 Gale Storm Gale Storm May 1956 Vinyl
DLP 3017 Gale Storm Sentimental Me 1956 Vinyl
DLP 3029 The Hilltoppers The Towering Hilltoppers Featuring the Voice of Jimmy Sacca 1956 Vinyl
DLP 3030 Pat Boone Howdy! September 1956 Vinyl
DLP 3045 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Instrumental Souvenirs 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3050 Pat Boone Pat May 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3061 Bill Frawley Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3068 Pat Boone Hymns We Love November 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3069 Bonnie Guitar Moonlight and Shadows 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3076 The Jack Halloran Singers Christmas Is A-Comin' 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3077 Pat Boone Pat Boone Sings Irving Berlin October 1957 Vinyl
DLP 3118 Pat Boone Star Dust June 1958 Vinyl
DLP 3121 Pat Boone Yes Indeed! October 1958 Vinyl
DLP 3136 Bob Crosby and His Bobcats South Pacific Blows Warm 1958 Vinyl
DLP 3161 Steve Allen Steve Allen Plays 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3166 Bud Freeman and His Summa Cum Laude Trio Bud Freeman and His Summa Cum Laude Trio 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3208 The Mills Brothers Let Me Call You Sweetheart 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3241 Keely Smith Be My Love 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3254 Mary Mulligan, Bud Freeman Midnight Session 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3295 Debbie Reynolds Am I That Easy to Forget? 1959 Vinyl
DLP 3298 Debbie Reynolds Fine and Dandy 1960 Vinyl
DLP 3480 Steve Allen Steve Allen Plays Bossa Nova Jazz 1963 Vinyl
DLP 3611 Lawrence Welk The Golden Millions 1964 Vinyl
DLP 3638 Carolyn Hester Carolyn Hester at Town Hall, One 1965 Vinyl
DLP 3649 Carolyn Hester At Town Hall, Two 1965 Vinyl
DLP 9000 Pat Boone and Shirley Jones April Love Starring Pat Boone and Shirley Jones December 1957 Vinyl
DLP 9500 various artists The Five Pennies 1959 Vinyl
DLP 29002 Paul Horn Plenty of Horn 1958 Vinyl
DLP 30500 Billy Vaughn The Big 100 June 1959 Vinyl
DO 2064 Don Williams Visions January 1977 Vinyl
DO 2088 Don Williams Country Boy September 1977 Vinyl
DOS 25988 Curtis Potter Here Comes Curtis Potter February 1971 Vinyl
DOS 25989 Diana Trask Diana's Country February 1971 Vinyl
DOS 25990 Roy Clark The Incredible Roy Clark June 1971 Vinyl
DOS 25993 Roy Clark The Magnificent Sanctuary Band 1971 Vinyl
DOS 25997 Roy Clark Roy Clark Country! 1972 Vinyl
DOS 26000 Donna Fargo The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A. May 1972 Vinyl
DOS 26006 Donna Fargo My Second Album February 1973 Vinyl
DOS 26007 Joe Stampley Soul Song February 1973 Vinyl
DOS 26010 Roy Clark Come Live with Me 1973 Vinyl
DOS 26015 Hank Thompson Kindly Keep It Country 1973 Vinyl
DOS 26016 Diana Trask It's a Man's World November 1973 Vinyl
DOS 26022 Diana Trask Lean It All on Me May 1974 Vinyl
DOSD 2002 Donna Fargo Miss Donna Fargo 1974 Vinyl
DOSD 2003 Hank Thompson Movin' On September 1974 Vinyl
DOSD 2005 Roy Clark Family & Friends 1974 Vinyl
DOSD 2006 Joe Stampley Take Me Home to Somewhere September 1974 Vinyl
DOSD 2025 Narvel Felts Narvel Felts June 1975 Vinyl
DOSD 2050 Freddy Fender Rock 'N' Country 1976 Vinyl
DOSD 2055 Red Steagall Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music 1976 Vinyl
DOSD 2062 Ray Price Hank'n Me 1976 Vinyl
DOSD 2065 Narvel Felts Doin' What I Feel 1976 Vinyl
DOSD 2066 Roy Head A Head of This Time 1977 Vinyl
DOSD 2073 Ray Price Reunited 1977 Vinyl
SDLP 25888 The Mills Brothers & Count Basie The Board of Directors Annual Report 1968 Vinyl

DLP 25xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
DL 25502 Jimmie Rodgers [1] My Favorite Hymns March 1963 Vinyl
DLP  25382 Bob Crosby featuring the Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet of Eddie Miller C'est si bon 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25113 Margaret Whiting Margaret 1958 Vinyl
DLP 25119 Billy Vaughn Billy Vaughn Plays the Million Sellers 1958 Vinyl
DLP 25131 Johnny Maddox and His Dixie Boys Dixieland Blues 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25146 Jackie Cooper & His Combo The Movies Swing! 1958 Vinyl
DLP 25151 Bonnie Guitar Whispering Hope December 1958 Vinyl
DLP 25165 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Blue Hawaii 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25177 Barbara Dane, Earl "Fatha" Hines and His Orchestra Livin' With the Blues 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25180 Pat Boone Tenderly April 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25199 Pat & Shirley Boone Side by Side May 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25200 Lawrence Welk Voices and Strings of Lawrence Welk 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25205 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Golden Saxophones 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25222 Pat Boone White Christmas November 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25234 Pat Boone He Leadeth Me December 1959 Vinyl
DLP 25265 Keely Smith Swing, You Lovers 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25270 Pat Boone Moonglow 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25273 Mort Lindsey and His Orchestra The Great Sounds of Mort Lindsey and His Orchestra 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25275 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Linger Awhile 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25282 Axel Stordahl Jasmine & Jade 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25285 Pat Boone This and That 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25296 Lawrence Welk Sweet and Lovely 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25306 Sam Butera and The Witnesses Sam Butera and The Witnesses Play Music From The Rat Race 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25309 Walter Brennan Dutchman's Gold 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25313 Mac Wiseman 12 Great Hits July 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25342 Lawrence Welk The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25346 Pat Boone Great! Great! Great! 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25350 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra Last Date 1960 Vinyl
DLP 25366 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Orange Blossom Special and Wheels 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25371 Dodie Stevens Pink Shoelaces 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25384 Pat Boone Moody River June 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25396 Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra Berlin Melody 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25399 Pat Boone I'll See You in My Dreams 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25410 Louis Prima With Sam Butera and The Witnesses Doin' the Twist With Louis Prima 1961 Vinyl
DLP 25415 Keely Smith Because You're Mine 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25417 The Lennon Sisters Can't Help Falling in Love 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25423 Keely Smith Twist With Keely Smith 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25428 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra Young World 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25434 Arthur Alexander You Better Move On May 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25438 The Four Lads Hits of the 60's 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25453 Jimmie Rodgers [1] No One Will Ever Know October 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25463 The String-A-Longs Matilda December 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25475 Pat & Shirley Boone I Love You Truly 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25479 George Wright Christmas Time - George Wright at the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ 1962 Vinyl
DLP 25496 Jimmie Rodgers [1] Jimmie Rodgers in Folk Concert January 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25501 Pat Boone Pat Boone Sings Guess Who? September 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25510 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra 1963's Early Hits 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25516 The Chantays Pipeline 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25525 Jimmie Rodgers [1] Honeycomb & Kisses Sweeter Than Wine August 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25534 Pat Boone Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25535 The Surfaris [1] Wipe Out 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25545 Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Sugar Shack October 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25546 Pat Boone with Gordon Jenkins The Touch of Your Lips 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25555 Robin Ward Wonderful Summer 1963 Vinyl
DLP 25559 Billy Vaughn Blue Velvet & 1963's Great Hits 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25573 Pat Boone "Ain't That a Shame" 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25577 Jimmy Gilmer Buddy's Buddy - Buddy Holly Songs by Jimmy Gilmer June 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25582 Pat Boone The Lord's Prayer and Other Great Hymns 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25609 Dick Contino 12 Immortal Songs 1964 Vinyl
DLP 25614 Jimmie Rodgers [1] Deep Purple 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25616 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra My First of 1965 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25629 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra Apples & Bananas 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25633 Johnny Maddox Ragtime by Request 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25639 Dick Contino Dick Contino Plays & Sings the Hits 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25643 Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Lucky 'leven August 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25654 Billy Vaughn Moon Over Naples 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25659 The Lennon Sisters Solos by The Lennon Sisters 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25663 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra Today's Great Hits 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25667 Pat Boone Pat Boone Sings... Winners of the Reader's Digest Poll 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25668 Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Folkbeat October 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25670 Eddie Fisher Young and Foolish 1965 Vinyl
DLP 25679 Billy Vaughn, His Orchestra and Chorus Michelle 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25682 Lawrence Welk & Johnny Hodges Lawrence Welk & Johnny Hodges 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25717 Jimmie Rodgers [1] It's Over 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25726 Terry Gibbs Reza 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25741 Jerry Gray This Is Jerry Gray - The Great Glenn Miller & Artie Shaw Arranger 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25744 The Mills Bros. That Country Feeling 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25746 Bonnie Guitar Merry Christmas from Bonnie Guitar November 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25751 Billy Vaughn Alfie 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25774 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra Winchester Cathedral December 1966 Vinyl
DLP 25793 Bonnie Guitar Award Winner - Academy of Country and Western Music April 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25794 Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25799 Jo Ann Castle Queen of the Ragtime Piano 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25805 Pat Boone I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman July 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25822 Romy Spain The Soul of a Singer September 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25825 Luiz Bonfá Luiz Bonfá Plays Great Songs 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25831 Lalo Schifrin Music From Mission: Impossible 1967 Vinyl
DLP 25833 Lalo Schifrin Cool Hand Luke 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25865 Bonnie Guitar I Believe in Love July 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25868 Ray Griff A Ray of Sunshine 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25875 various artists Rosemary's Baby 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25882 Billy Vaughn A Current Set of Standards 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25883 Leonard Nimoy The Way I Feel October 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25892 Bonnie Guitar Leaves Are the Tears of Autumn November 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25895 Roy Clark Do You Believe This October 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25899 Billy Vaughn Have Yourself a Merry, Merry Christmas 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25907 Marian McPartland My Old Flame - Marian McPartland Performs the Classic Hits of Sam Coslow 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25908 Jack Sheldon The Warm World of Jack Sheldon 1968 Vinyl
DLP 25926 Brian Hyland Tragedy / A Million to One 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25929 George Wright Now's the Right Time 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25937 Billy Vaughn The Windmills of Your Mind 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25946 Jack Reno I'm a Good Man in a Bad Frame of Mind July 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25951 The Anita Kerr Singers Velvet Voices and Bold Brass 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25954 Brian Hyland Stay and Love Me All Summer July 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25955 Fraternity of Man Get It On! 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25957 Diana Trask From the Heart August 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25966 Leonard Nimoy The New World Of Leonard Nimoy 1970 Vinyl
DLP 25972 Roy Clark The Everlovin' Soul of Roy Clark December 1969 Vinyl
DLP 25995 Jack Barlow Catch the Wind 1971 Vinyl