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Written by
Billy Page
Released on
The "In" Crowd

The "In" Crowd
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The "In" Crowd written by Billy Page English

Title Performer Release date Info
The "In" Crowd Dobie Gray 1964
The "In" Crowd The First Gear January 1965
The "In" Crowd Sandy Nelson November 1965
The In Crowd The Fourmost December 1965
The "In" Crowd Billy Larkin & The Delegates December 1965
The "In" Crowd Petula Clark 1965
The "In" Crowd The Ventures 1965
The "In" Crowd Gene Barge 1965
The "In" Crowd Quincy Jones and His Orchestra 1965
The "In" Crowd Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs 1965
The "In" Crowd Ramsey Lewis Trio 1965
The "In" Crowd Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra 1965
The "In" Crowd Living Guitars 1965
The "In" Crowd The Pair 1965
The "In" Crowd The Chipmunks 1965
The In Crowd The Mama's and The Papa's January 1966
The In Crowd Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames May 1966
The "In" Crowd Jack Jones 1966
The "In" Crowd Willie Mitchell 1966
The "In" Crowd The Village Stompers 1966
The "In" Crowd David McCallum 1966
The 'In' Crowd The Defenders 1966
In Crowd The Afro-Blues Quintet Plus One 1966
The "In" Crowd Billy Preston 1966
The "In" Crowd The Challengers 1967
The "In" Crowd The Howard Roberts Quartet 1967
The "In" Crowd Powers of Blue 1967
The "In" Crowd The Art Farmer Quintet 1967
The "In" Crowd Johnny "Hammond" Smith 1967
The In-Crowd The Steampacket 1970
The In Crowd The Coasters 1973
The 'In' Crowd Bryan Ferry May 1974
The "In" Crowd Q-Tips August 1980
The In Crowd David Matthews Trio September 21, 1987
The In Crowd TAR September 15, 1992
The "In" Crowd The Mike Flowers Pops 1996
The "In" Crowd Kitty Margolis 1997
The "In" Crowd The Ray Bryant Trio 1998
The "In" Crowd Brooke Harris Wolff 1999
The "In" Crowd Reuters 1999
The In Crowd / Down to London Joe Jackson May 6, 2000
The "In" Crowd Javon Jackson September 16, 2008
The In Crowd Greg Vail 2008

Sauve-toi written by Gilles Thibault French

Title Performer Release date Info
Sauve-toi Sylvie Vartan October 1966