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People Like You (Glitter Band) covered on Hallmark Top Of The Pops-LP

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2007-05-01 14:36:30 GMT

"People Like You People Like Me",originally by The Glitter Band,was covered on the Hallmark-LP "Top Of The Pops-volume 51".

The LP was released in 1976 on Hallmark Records SHM940.

The song is track A1 on the LP.

The song was written by Glitter Band-members Gerry Shephard and John Springate:

Gerald Edward Shephard

John Terence Springate

The Glitter Band

The song was originally released by The Glitter Band on the LP "Listen To The Band",released in December 1975 on Bell 1975.

The song is track A2 on the LP.

In February 1976,it was released on a 7"-single on Bell 1471 with "Makes You Blind" on the B-side.

The Glitter Band

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Love glamrock (Glitter Band,Gary Glitter),Big Country,and a great lot more !!


2007-05-01 14:45:57 GMT

This are the other covers on the LP:

A1.People Like You (Glitter Band)

A2.Love Really Hurts Without You (Billy Ocean)

A3.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Guys & Dolls)

A4.December '63 (Four Seasons)

A5.Convoy (Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks)

A6.I Love To Love (Tina Charles)

B1.Concrete and Clay (Randy Edelman)

B2.You See The Trouble With Me (Barry White)

B3.Yesterday (Beatles)

B4.I Wanna Stay With You (Gallagher & Lyle)

B5.Save Your Kisses For Me (Brotherhood Of Man)

B6.Do The Spanish Hustle (The Fatback Band)

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Love glamrock (Glitter Band,Gary Glitter),Big Country,and a great lot more !!

2012-12-31 15:17:34 GMT

Hi Patrick !

The Top Of The Pop album series (like many others such as Pye Chartbusters, Pick of the Pops, World Top 12 and several others, plus of course Top of the Pops' chief rivals in the 1970s: Hot Hits on the MFP label) were anonymous covers albums; there were no artists mentioned. The songs were copied by studio musicians.

Check out this interesting website for more info on this particular kind of cover albums:

As there are no artists credited for these covers, we cannot include them in SHS.