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The Gnome (Pink Floyd) covered by Neil (The Young Ones)

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2007-05-03 17:22:58 GMT

On his LP "Neil's Heavy Concept Album",comedian Neil covers "The Gnome",originally by Pink Floyd.

The LP was released on 22/11/1984 on WEA-240524-1.

The song is track A9 on the LP.

The record was produced by Dave Stewart:

Dave Stewart

It was also one of the B-sides of the single "Golf Girl",released in 1984 on WEA SAM 223.

Nigel Planer

You can watch Neil promote his LP (MTV-sale) on YouTube:

The song was written by Pink Floyd-member Syd Barrett:

Syd Barrett

It was originally released by Pink Floyd on 05/augustus/1967 on Columbia Records SCX 6157.

The song is track B2 on the LP.

At that time,Pink Floyd were :

  • Syd Barrett:guitar/vocals
  • Roger Waters:bass/vocals
  • Rick Wright: organ/piano
  • Nick Mason:drums

Pink Floyd

Groeten uit Zeebrugge.


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2008-01-02 22:59:54 GMT

Added, thanks!

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think all WEA SAM releases are promos only ('SAM' possibly signifying 'Sampler'). If this is correct, WEA SAM 223 is not a public release and does not satisfy SHS criteria. Anyway, I've ignored it and attached 'The Gnome' to the LP (will do the same with 'Golf Girl').

Where did you find the release date 22/11/1984?

Really wild, General!

2008-01-03 00:24:52 GMT

Hmmmm, unfortunately I don't think rateyourmusic is authoritative enough for me to use that date without separate confirmation. I wonder where they got got that date from. I'll keep looking...

Happy new year to you too Smile

Really wild, General!