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Absent labels & errors in 1959' albums (Bastien) (Mathieu) (Koan)

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2004-04-21 10:25:24 GMT

The Amazing Nina Simone

I think right title is "The amazing", but I don't sure



At Town Hall



One Night

RCA Victor



RCA Victor


Giant Steps


recording date is 4 May 1959 - 2 Dec 1959

releasing date is 1960


Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs



Love Is a Gentle Thing

RCA Victor


The Fabulous Shirley Bassey



The Sound of Music

Columbia koan


Time Out

Columbia Mathieu

2004-04-21 21:12:34 GMT

The Sound of Music

Columbia koan


Just Below My Skin I'm Screaming

2004-07-23 20:29:04 GMT

One Night

RCA Victor

Hey Dany,

A lot of sites give "RCA" as label.... However, I don't really know if it's relevant to make a distiction between RCA and RCA Victor... do you have any idea?

2004-07-24 12:30:27 GMT

The first issues of Presley's albums were released on label RCA Victor. Sometimes, in the discographys the word "Victor" is omited ..... or they are re-issues.

  • Look these photos:

... they are the originals covers of Presley's albums ... the label is RCA Victor.


Top Albums (Pop)

(As listed in the Dec. 24, 1960, issue)

50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong-Elvis' Gold Records,vol.2 RCA Victor LPM-2075

Posterior re-issues were released and change the cover of the album

1990 RCA Records (present name of the label)

1997 RCA Records

2004-07-24 21:12:09 GMT

That's convincing. Thanks!

Just Below My Skin I'm Screaming

2004-08-12 18:16:17 GMT

So what's the difference between RCA and RCA Victor? Did RCA Victor changed its name to RCA at some point, or what happened?

2004-08-20 13:04:53 GMT

Here there are some data.

I don't know the complete story.

  • In 1901 born the company "Victor Talking Machine"

several series are released ... 78 rpm .... prefix VI

  • In 1919 born Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

  • In 1929 RCA buy "Victor Talking Machine" and born RCA Victor.

  • In late 40' RCA Victor "invent" the single 45 rpm (7")
  • In this time Columbia "invent" the LP 33 rpm (12")


Today, all is different ...

With the name RCA there are three groups and the owner is the BMG company:

  • RCA Music Group ... with the labels:



  • RCA Victor Group ... with the labels:

RCA Red Seal


  • RCA Label Group - Nashville (RLG) ... with the labels:

Arista - Nashville


RCA - Nashville

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2004-09-10 08:58:46 GMT

No much jazz sources discriminate recorded and released dates. You know it ...

Working on Google

key words: "Giant steps" atlantic "john coltrane" 1311


(this source, known for all, offer only released dates ...)

1311/SD-1311 - Giant Steps - John Coltrane [1960] Giant Steps/Cousin Mary/Countdown/Mr. P.C./Spiral/Syeeda's Song Flute/Naima


Editorial Reviews essential recording

Released in January 1960, John Coltrane's first album devoted entirely to his own compositions confirmed his towering command of tenor saxophone and his emerging power as a composer. (...) --Sam Sutherland



Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun

Original Release: 1960

Number of Discs: 1



Originally released without the alternate takes in 1960 on Atlantic: 1311.


Recorded April 1, May 4 and Dec.2, 1959 at Atlantic Studios.



Giant Steps. Atlantic. 1311-2, 1960.



Look for Giant Steps...

. john coltrane - giant steps .

(01.1960/2002 atlantic masters / wea 81277 3610-2)




18. GIANT STEPS - John Coltrane [4:47]

(John Coltrane)

From the album Giant Steps, Atlantic #SD-1311 (1960)


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2004-09-23 17:57:47 GMT

I believe you are right. Some of it was only recorded in december 1959, so it can hardly been released in 1959 either. Corrected.