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Artist: Bruce Springsteen (Mathieu)

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2008-03-10 17:59:31 GMT

Bruce Springsteen

No error(s) to report, just an omission of sorts. I was looking into artists who have recorded/covered songs by "The Boss". I heard this tune by a female vocalist who sounded alot like Donna Summer, and it sounded as if the song could have been penned by "Springsteen". After futher investigation I discovered that in fact Springsteen had written a song for Donna Summer that appears on her self titled lp on Geffen records,"Donna Summer" (1982). The song is entitled, "Protection". I didn't see it mentioned in the Springsteen data base and thought maybe you would like to include it. I also discovered that the song had even been nominated for a Grammy award for Best Rock Performance Female that year.

I was also curious if "Springsteen" had recorded a version of the song himself at any time ???. At any rate, I totally dig the site and am having a great time exploring. HappyThanks for taking the time to read/consider this email.


2011-07-17 08:00:39 GMT


Very interesting! I'd love to add this song, but right now we know only of 1 version: Donna Summer's. So we need another version, a "cover version" in fact...