New editor

2008-04-26 11:02:48 GMT

The SecondHandSongs team keeps growing, today Gatalin joined our team! He's the first Dutch on our team, and his interests are music, movies, ... and beer.

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2008-04-26 14:41:51 GMT

great news!

2008-04-27 04:33:11 GMT


"One of these days I gotta get myself organized" - Travis Bickle

2008-04-27 09:38:20 GMT

Welcome, nice to have you onboard!

2008-04-28 00:00:29 GMT

Thanks everyone!

2008-04-29 19:42:43 GMT

Welcome and show us that you'll be a great editor Grin

2008-05-24 19:36:12 GMT

Very good to have a fellow dutchman working on this very informative site. Grtz

Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan en proost dan maar

Bartje Smile