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Helden cover by Apocalyptica & Till Lindemann

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2008-05-29 04:03:09 GMT

Preformed by: Apocalyptica

Guest singer: Till Lindemann (Of Rammstein)

Title: Helden (preformed in german)(German for Heroes)

Author: David Bowie and Brian Eno

Album: Worlds Collide (Apocalyptica)

Track: 5

Release date: 09-14-2007

Original Album: Heroes (David Bowie)

Original Release: 10-1977

Reference original artist/release date: Second Hand Songs: Heroes

Well, my first post. How'd I do? :-\

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2008-05-29 19:35:59 GMT

Nice job AK_Vdub, because you posted a lot of information. You can help even more posting the label "Worlds Collide" was released and its catalog number. Also, other links may be useful as references.

Also, do you know if its german version is the same one of "Helden" also by David Bowie?

2008-05-30 02:43:04 GMT

Sorry, I really don't have any info about the catalog number. This was a song I have from a friend. But yes it is the same as Helden from David Bowie, I just gave the English version to help you identify the song.