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Kenny Chesney Cover Songs...

2008-06-10 08:36:15 GMT

This is my first post, hopefully on my way to editorship, so I will try to get this as spot on as I can. In looking for some country covers, I came across a bonus cd by Kenny Chesney that was included with the Original Album, "When the Sun Goes Down". The bonus 2nd CD was a limited production promotion available only through Target. The CD was released in February of 2004 on the BNA label. The medium would be Maxi CD. Here is a track list of the bonus CD, with pertinent data on the original singer of the song in parentheses:

1. Marina Del Rey (written by ???, Originally sung by George Strait, released as a single in November 1981, off the album "Strait From the Heart" on MCA Records, original medium release is unknown at this time)

2. Come Monday (written by Jimmy Buffett, Originally sung by Jimmy Buffett, released as the A side single in 1974, B side track was "The Wino and I Know", originally on the album "Living & Dying in 3/4 Time" on Dunhill Records, medium is 7"

3. I Wonder Do You Think of Me (written by Keith Whitley, Originally sung by Keith Whitley, released as a single in late 1989, off the album "I Wonder Do You Think of Me" on RCA Records, original medium is maxi cd & cassette tape).

4. I'm on Fire (written by Bruce Springsteen, Originally sung by Bruce Springsteen, released on the album "Born in the USA on June 4, 1984 & released as a single off that album in February 1985, on Columbia reocords, original format is unknown at this time).

5. I Always Get Lucky With You (written by Freddie Powers, Originally sung by Merle Haggard, released on the album "Big City" in 1981 on Epic Records, original medium is unknown at this time)

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2008-07-10 20:58:54 GMT

Hello Chris, the first thing you need to add here is the catalogue number of this medium.