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2008-10-05 09:57:36 GMT


Cover versions:

Artist: Mireille Mathieu

Note: French language

Adaptation: Pierre Delanoё

Album: L'américain

Released: 1989

Label: Carrere

(P) Abilene Music

Catalogue-UPC: 3218030968697

Artist: Mireille Mathieu

Note: Spanish language

Adaptation: Rafael Trabuchelli

Album: Embrujo

Released: 1989

Label: BMG Ariola

Catalogue: 210243-A 5C

Format: LP

Country: Spain

Official site:

Artist: Ricardo Montaner

Note: Spanish language

Adaptation: ???

Album: Gold

Released: 2001

Label: Universal Music

Catalogue: 044001498220

Spanish lyrics almost exactly as in Mireille Mathieu Spanish version, but some lines are new, some replaced.

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2009-08-24 13:53:46 GMT

As I told you, there is nothing we can do for the Spanish versions, if we don't know the name of the lyricist.

As for Mireille Mathieu's French version, we have all we need, but one thing: are you absolutely sure she was the first to perform the song in French? (I'm not telling that she wasn't, I'm just asking you if you are sure that she was).


2009-08-24 14:55:28 GMT

Yes, this French version was written especially for her.

For more than 5 years, I have collected more than 260 versions of "Caruso", and she's the only person who sings it in French. I've never come across anybody who recorded it French too. Only she did.

Once I had "Embrujo" album (a 1990 re-issue), but sold it year ago. I bet there was a key!

I should write a letter to Mireille Mathieu and Ricardo Montaner official site, I hope their managers can help me. / I just sent a message, hope they answer me soon!


Mireille Mathieu French Version Lyrics

Mireille Mathieu Spanish Version Lyrics

Ricardo Montaner Spanish Version Lyrics [as seen under Mireille Mathieu's influence ))) ]

Note: Mireille Mathieu NEVER recorded original Italian version at studio. But she peformed it on TV Shows, on tour.

She performed it with Massimo Ranieri. -

She also performed French version only with Mia Martini & Renzo Arbore - both singing Italian lyrics, also on TV,

It was never released on medium

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2009-08-25 13:19:24 GMT

Added Caruso (French).


2009-09-28 04:37:53 GMT

Added scans from that CD

Thought in info there's LP

2009-09-28 16:44:57 GMT

Ok, I added Caruso [ES] - From the lyrics, it's pretty difficult to understand whether Ricardo Montaner used Mathieu's version as a source. I guess we have to find out what the booklet says...


2009-09-28 18:28:02 GMT

Ricardo Montaner is a perfect lyricist, all of the songs in his repertoire - practically all of them with lyrics written by Ricardo himself.

I think, Ricardo Montaner really used MM's version as a basis and rewrote some lines he didn't like or suit him.

I don't think he could have written the same lyrics, the same lines, if he hadn't listened to her version.)

Of course, the better source is a booklet or note from fans... BTW, I own three of his CDs and they're real nice. I'll ask his fans.

As always, I came up to my Caruso-cover-version collection and searched through it.

I took only Caruso in Spanish:

1) Duet: Ana Belen(esp) & Lucio Dalla (it.) - recovered by Guadalupe Pineda with some tenor

2) Estela Raval

3) Rafael Villegas

4) Tania Libertad

in each case - the lyrics are different!