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Artist: Ray Conniff (Bastien) / The poor people of Paris

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2008-11-19 19:14:59 GMT

Ray Conniff

cover: CBS EP. 5605, 1961

other cover: Lex Baxter...

o.v. by Edith Piaf as la goualante du pauvre Jean

I wanna rock'n'roll all nite
Hashi akochchaka (rising sun)
Ghayat assa'adah (the supreme pleasure)
Stephan Koenig

2011-07-18 21:59:11 GMT

La goualante du pauvre Jean

Thanks Stephan.

Ray Conniff and Les Baxter instrumental versions both now added.

The Ray Conniff version appears to have been released in several global markets using titles in different languages, e.g. La goualante du pauvre Jean, La pobre gente de Paris, etc. I've added it to the existing album entry in our database, which was the US (home country) release with the English title, The Poor People of Paris.