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King Of The Mountain Cometh (T.Rex) covered by Goo

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2008-12-01 20:31:51 GMT

On the CD "Resurrection Of The Warlock",Goo covered "King Of The Mountain Cometh",originally by T.Rex.

The song is track 20 on the CD.

For more info on the CD,see my topic:

The song was written by Marc Bolan:

Marc Bolan

It was originally released by T.Rex as second track on the B-side of the single "Hot Love". (the other one is "Woodland Rock")

It was produced by Tony Visconti.

The single was released on 19/2/1971 on Fly Records BUG 6.

You can listen to the track on YouTube:

T. Rex

Hot Love

Groeten uit Zeebrugge.


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