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Song: Whipped Cream (Canary)

2009-02-15 06:34:14 GMT

[[song|40284|Whipped Cream]

Written by Allen Toussaint under his mother's maiden name; Naomi Nevilles (Neville)

We (The Stokes) recorded it in Houston, Texas since it was the closest fine studio.

I am Allen Toussaint-

Thank you

2009-02-15 06:39:47 GMT

Added info.

I was stationed at Fort Hood Texas at the time of the Stokes recording of the albun which contained "Whipped Cream" about to get out of the army.

Allen Toussaint

2009-02-22 18:38:49 GMT

Thanks for the info. I adjusted it. Have a look at it and let me know if something's wrong.


2012-06-29 20:29:04 GMT

Hi Allen,

Why not written under your own name?