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The John B. Sails covers

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2009-06-19 16:58:06 GMT

The John B. Sails

Collin Raye, 1996 (Sloop John B.)

CD DISKY VI 905120, 1996 "Stars and Stripes" - vol.1

Sylvie Vartan : Mister John B. - ..........RCA Victor

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Hashi akochchaka (rising sun)
Ghayat assa'adah (the supreme pleasure)
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2011-10-18 09:33:59 GMT

Sloop John B (Beach Boys and Collin Raye)

Also added. The other to be added later.

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2013-04-29 16:50:35 GMT

Cover by Sylvie Vartan added as well in the meantime.

Mister John B.

Thanks for posting!