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Song: Everything's Been Changed (Bastien)

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2009-07-18 21:22:08 GMT

Everything's Been Changed

Maybe too nitpicky to be concerned about, but the liner notes for the CD reissues of 5th Dimension's "Individually & Collectively/Living Together, Growing Together" albums on Collector's Choice in 2007 read "Just after the release of "Living Together", "Everything's Been Changed" was issued" as one of the album's three singles. "McCoo is the soloist on the Paul Anka ballad..."

Seems like we should change the medium from the single to the earlier released LP to be accurate. Also, from the picture of the album on the reissue - it also looks like the track was titled "Changed" on the LP, and expanded to "Everything's Been Changed" on the single.


2012-10-28 21:00:39 GMT

Linked the song to the album instead of the single.

However, kept the song title, based on the scan of the vinyl.