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Some covers by Noel Harrison

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2004-12-11 18:23:53 GMT

Noel Harrison


Suzanne (Cohen)

Just Like a Woman (Dylan)

Lucy in the sky With Diamonds (Beatles)

A Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker, Fisher & Reid)

When I'm 64 (Beatles)

Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles)


on album:

Collage Reprise R/RS 8283 issued in 1967

R/RS 6263 - Collage - Noel Harrison [1967] (12/67, #135) Suzanne/Just Like A Woman/People In The Rain/Woman/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/Sign Of The Queen//Museum/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Go Ask Your Man/When I'm 64/Mrs. Williams' Rose/Strawberry Fields Forever

I Think that this song called "woman" is a cover of the beatlessong "She's a Woman"

2004-12-12 15:25:45 GMT

There is also the song "Woman" written by Paul McCartney for Peter & Gordon in 1966. Could it be this song Noel Harrison covered ??

2005-01-18 21:03:35 GMT

"Suzanne" and "A Whiter Shade of Pale" were confirmed by HFA, added. But for the rest I need more direct sources.