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Songs that sample 'Nautilus' by Bob James

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2003-09-05 18:29:41 GMT


We've got some work to do...

Here are all the songs from that sample this.

One: (CTI 1974)

  • "Nautilus"

I'd like more info for any of them before i add them on our site. I should be able to handle everything Ultramagnetic MC's and Tim Dog have sampled from it as i have 'em here. Same goes for Eric B & Rakim.

Notice that i hadn't found this song sampled in some of the songs in this list, so there might be some errors in there ore the sample might be insignificant, like a single stab note or a drum sound...

Have Fun(k)!


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2003-09-15 14:05:49 GMT

Seems like the Mary J Blige entries are faulty. Haven't found them anywhere apart from

2003-09-15 15:17:32 GMT

don't find album cover?

Or maybe download the track somewhere and listen for yourself (I checked - don't have it Unhappy)

2003-09-17 10:37:02 GMT

I've notified pps from the-breaks of this and they told me "Just mary" has never been officially released.

As for 'sincerity', they didn't know anything more either...

Deleted both songs from the list.

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2003-09-21 12:25:41 GMT

Ok, to close this topic:

i added all of the songs from the list, and was able to give extra info or pics for all of it.

The 2 mary J. blige songs were left out as i couldn't find any track of them except for the entry on the-breaks. Anyone who could come up with some info is welcome.