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Performance: Black Night (Denis)

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2010-03-05 19:36:47 GMT

Black Night

I might think this performance by Deep Purple isn't very original. Deep Purple came out with this in 1971 but some years earlier(1967)there was an American Band : The Blues Magoos and We ain't got nothin' yet that climbed to 72nd position in the Bilboard Top 100.

Just listen to this original version, hearing that riff and you'll hear the resemblance and it seems to me Ritchie Blackmore and friends heard this before.



2011-06-27 14:45:11 GMT

I listened to both tracks and I agree the Rick Nelson track sounds like an inspiration. I added a comment, because it's not really an adaptation IMO.

This is also confirmed by

The Blues Magoos organ riff also sounds alike, but it seems less obvious to me:

Other opinions/proof are welcome.