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2010-05-09 21:10:44 GMT

Hi have just stumbled over your site and find it very interesting .i was searching for the original singer of cry to me and found that it was Solomon burke . I have been trying for years to find out who was in the 1960's band the you know who group ,they had a record out called roses are red my love , yes the same one as bobby Vinton etc [I have the record] so I searched your site and failed to find the band listed as an artist for this song ,so I would like to add this group] artist to your list as to who covered this song .i remember this song well and still have the single the record was in the top 10 charts in Australia and also England in about 1964.

2010-05-09 21:12:47 GMT

Not sure about this. Bobby Vinton's "Roses Are Red" was written by Paul Evans and Al Byron, whereas "The You Know Who Group" credits Robert Esposito for the song with the same title.