As You Desire Me: original ?!

2012-05-02 15:32:11 GMT

I did some research trying to find the original version of 'As You Desire' which was unfortunately unsuccessful.

I did however find a copy of the sheet music from 1932 (see attachement) with singer Morton Downey , the Irish Nightingale, on the cover. He must have recorded the song, but I'm not sure it's the original.

It may be pure coincidence but in 1932 there was also a movie called 'As You Desire Me' about a bar entertainer with Greta Garbo ( )

'As You Desire Me' has indeed been covered quite often. These are the covers I did find;

Russ Columbo & His Orch. - 1932 Added in the meantime

Donald Novis (with Leonard Joy's Orch.) - 1932 Added in the meantime

Tony Martin - 1947

Jo Stafford - 1952 (on the Album As You Desire Me )

Sarah Vaughan - 1948 Added in the meantime

Ella Fitzgerald - 1949

The Ink Spots - 1949

Keely Smith 1957

Bill Doggett & His Orchestra - 1958 Added in the meantime

Peggy Lee - 1960 Added in the meantime

Nancy Wilson (with Billy May's Orch.) Added in the meantime

Ethel Ennis Added in the meantime

Clark Terry Added in the meantime

Frank Sinatra Added in the meantime

Johnny Hartman Added in the meantime

That's all I could find out; maybe one of the other editors has any further info.

Would someone please move this post to the 'Discussion about cover songs' board?! Thanks!

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2014-03-04 06:00:22 GMT

I don't believe the Allie Wrubel's "As You Desire Me" is used in the film of the same name and I don't think Morton Downey recorded it. However, it appears that Downey introduced the song on his very popular CBS network radio show, The Camel Quarter-Hour.

The Library of Congress Copyright Office records show this song was copyrighted June 22, 1932. The July 30, 1932 issue of New Yorker contained an article, "Allie Bops Again," by Ring Lardner criticizing the "suggestive" and "immoral" lyrics of the song, "As You Desire Me." Lardner stated that he heard "M. Downey blare it."

Morton Downey knew Allie Wrubel quite well. They collaborated on a song before "As You Desire Me" was published.

It appears that we have a first performance (probably June or July 1932).

2014-03-04 20:05:20 GMT

Versions of As You Desire Me by Morton Downey, Donald Novis and Russ Columbo have been added.

Thanks for providing details.

2014-03-05 19:01:43 GMT

Oops - thanks for catching this. I even provided a link with the dates for the Camel Quarter-Hour show but didn't notice how early in 1932 the last show was broadcast. In Musicmakers of Network Radio Jim Cox provides a list of network shows hosted by Morton Downey. After the "Camel Quarter-Hour" he hosted "The Woodbury Show" with the first show airing on January 4, 1933. So, it appears that Downey did not have his own show during the critical period June-July 1932.

Given that "The New Yorker" was published weekly and Ring Lardner, in his campaign to eliminate "suggestive" and "immoral" songs from the airwaves, wrote his article focusing on "As You Desire Me," I think it unlikely that he would wait two months after hearing the song to respond to it. Consequently, although there's very strong evidence that Morton Downey introduced this song on the radio in 1932, we don't know the details.

I'll wait a few days to see whether I or someone else can find more information. If not, Morton Downey's performance can be deleted. It's not necessary since we have an orginal recording and release for "As You Desire Me."

Thanks again.