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Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy

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2011-09-24 23:17:22 GMT

Originally by Dinah Shore on Columbia 78rpm *36943 in USA in 1946. You Tube video exists plus Wikipedia reference. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra covered in 1946 on Capitol 78 rpm *235 in USA, Then Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians covered in late 1946 on Decca *18809 in USA.

2011-09-24 23:34:08 GMT

Update. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra (vocal by June Christy) was original by a whisker. Late 1945 recorded ; charted March 1946. Dinah Shore covered. Recorded early 1946. Charted March 1946.

2011-11-14 02:29:25 GMT

Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

The Dinah Shore cover and the original have now been added. Although we still must confirm and provide proof internally of all the data, many thanks for your excellent and helpful research.

The Guy Lombardo cover will be added shortly; I am sure there are more covers out there as well.

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2011-11-14 05:45:25 GMT

On page 22 of the February 2, 1946 issue of Billboard there is an article that states

Capitol Songs has four disks lined

up for its "Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple

Pan Dowdy." Stan Kenton and Peggy

Lee are doing versions of it for

Capitol Records, Guy Lombardo will

cut it for Decca and Dinah Shore

for Columbia.

It appears that the Peggy Lee recording was not made.

The Dinah Shore and Stan Kenton recording were both reviewed in the February 16, 1946 issue.

By April the Kenton, Shore and Lombardo versions made the Billboard charts.

Connie Haines's version was reviewed in March.

Connie Haines

Mercury 2063

Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

b/w Do You Love Me?

Recorded Feb 1946

An ad for the Johnny Desmond recording appeared in April.

Johnny Desmond

with Russ Case and his Orchestra and Chorus

RCS Victor 20-1861

I Don't Know Enough About You

b/w Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

An ad for the Vogue (The Picture Record) label in August 1946 announced a version by the King's Jesters.

King's Jesters

Vogue R750

Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

b/w Who's Got a Tent for Rent!

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