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2003-06-15 13:24:45 GMT

Here's a list of submissions that were not added because we couldn't find out complete information on it.

  • "Mean" Gene Okerlund - Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo (supposed to be a Johnny Winter cover on the album "Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II" 1998))
  • Aaliyah's - More Than A Woman (from Aaliyah 2000, supposed to be based on Mayada El Hennawy by Aloly Ensy (Syrian Artist))
  • Al Escobar - Black is Black (supposed to be a Los Bravos cover)
  • Alice Band - (Don't fear) The Reaper (supposed to be a Blue Oyster Cult cover)
  • Allison Crowe - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (no information about the original)
  • Ann Crumb - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

[li]Billy Vaughn

  • Killing Me Softly
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life

[*]Blue Man Group - Chicken Dance (supposed to be originally written by Thomas Werner and entitled "Ententanz - first performer is unknown, author is unsure, date and album of release of the cover is unknown)

[*]Bollock Brothers - Chinese Rocks (supposed to be a Ramones cover; on the album "Blood, Sweat and Beers")

[*]Bonnie Raitt - I got Plenty (Joey Levine,Jim Carroll)

  • Bonnie Raitt - Streetlights (not clear what the original is)

[*]Boskops - Sesamstrasse (From the album "Punk Chartbusters")

[*]Brian Williams - All tomorrow's parties (supposed to be a Velvet Underground cover)

[*]Bridewell Taxis - (Don't fear) The Reaper (supposed to be a Blue Oyster Cult cover)

[*]Candy - Sugar me (Lynsey De Paul cover - unknown release year: 1997 or 1998)

[*]Chelsea Strings - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

  • Cledus T. Judd - Gin & Juice (supposed to be a Snoop Dogg cover)
  • Connie Eaton & Dave Peel - It takes two (supposed to be a Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston cover)
  • Dana Winner - Flying High (2000) (supposed to be a Loretta Goggi cover of "Maledetta Primavera" (1981))
  • Daniel Beddingfield - Freak Like Me

[*]Dennis Coffey - Bridge over Troubled Water; Never can say Goodbye

[*]Eddie Forehand - Cry me a river (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

[*]Ella Fitzgerald - My Heart belongs to Daddy (Mary Martin cover, unknown release year)

[*]En Vogue's - Love You Crazay (from Masterpiece Theatre 2000, supposed to be based on Beethoven)

[*]En Vogue's - Those Dogs (from Masterpiece Theatre 2000, supposed to be based on Carmen)

[*]Enrique Chia - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

[*]Erick Sermon's React Feat. Redman (2002, supposed to be based on Asha Bhosle & Mohamed Rafi - Chandi Kha Badan)

[*]Fits - Jumpin' Jack Flash (on Fits Punk Collection 2001, supposed to be a Rolling Stones cover)

[*]Foo Fighters - Iron and Stone (from the "Learn to fly" single, supposed to be a Obsessed cover, unknown credits)

[*]Heather Bishop - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

[*]Honeydrippers - I get a Thrill (supposed to be a Rudy Toombs cover - original release date is unknown)

[*]Jack & Julie

  • My Funny Valentine
  • Over the Rainbow

[*]Jay-Z 's Big Pimpin' (supposed to be based on Hossam Ramzy - Khusara Khusaea (Egyptian))

  • Julie Wilson & Ellis Larkin Trio - Fly me to the moon

[*]Lagwagon - Inspector Gadget (Unknown authors, original performers and original release date)

[*]Lawrence Welk - Can't take my eyes off of you (supposed to be a Frankie Valli cover)

[*]Leo - Get down on it (Supposed to be a Kool and th Gang cover)

[*]Led Zeppelin - How many more times (contradictory sources on whether this is a cover of Howlin' Wolf - How many more Years)

[*]Less Than Jake - Hungry like the Wolf (supposed to be a Duran Duran cover)

[*]Long John Baldry - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)

  • Marco Bakker - Sharazan (supposed to be an Al Bano cover)
  • Mick Jagger - Jumpin' Jack Flash

[*]Mxpx - No Brain (from On the Cover 1995 - supposed to be a The Cootees cover - written by Mike Herrera)

[*]Mycle Brandy - Sorry seems to be the hardest word (supposed to be an Elton John cover)

[*]Nuquinuks - El malo, el bueno, el feo (supposed to be a Ennio Morricone cover)

[*]Patmo Sheeran & the Belfast Survivors - Suzy is a Headbanger (supposed to be a Ramones cover)

[*]Pedestrians - Rock n' Roll High School (supposed to be a Ramones cover - from the album "An Evening at Pearl's Hurricane")

[*]Pennywise - Mrs Robinson (supposed to be a Simon & Garfunkel cover)

  • Perry Farrell & Exene - Children of night (On the CD "Stoned immaculate" - not clear whether this is a cover)

[*]Ramon Bugatti - When the Night comes (supposed to be a 1980 Catherine Howe cover)

[*]Ron Kavana - 19th Nervous Breakdown (in medley with the udintified song "Blacksmith's Daughter on album "Galway to Graceland")

[*]Sha Na Na - Sixteen Candles (supposed to be a Crests cover, released on "Here to stay" (1971))

[*]Sherman feat KPW - Blitzkrieg Bahn (consists of a Ramones cover "Blitzkrieg Bahn" and an unidentified song.... "Autobahn"?)

[*]Sil Austin - Cry me a Rover (supposed to be a Julie London cover; original release unknown)

[*]Speakeasy - I wanna be sedated (supposed to be a Ramones cover)

  • Van Craven - Cry me a River (supposed to be a Julie London cover)
  • Cradle of Filth - Sodomy and Lust (on album Cruelty and the Beast [Bonus CD], 2001, Music for Nations, supposed to be a Sodom cover, but HFA credits it to the Cradle of Filth members)
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