John Pizzarelli Contest: Win the new cd Double Exposure

2012-05-02 20:49:10 GMT

SecondHandSongs recently released the first issue of its brand new newsletter.

To celebrate we did organize a great little John Pizzarelli contest. Contestants could win their very own copy of his soon to be released new album Double Exposure.

John Pizzarelli, a world-renowned American jazz guitarist and vocalist, merges a variety of styles, ranging from jazz, swing, the American songbook, pop to bossa nova, into a distinctive signature sound.

Double Exposure, chock-full of cover songs, focuses on two of these distinct styles, pop and jazz, to make a single fine recording. Listen to the album (and more) here.

How to participate in our contest?

Unfortunately you can't any more as the contest has ended. We'd like to thank everyone for making this event a success. The winners have been informed and will receive their own copy of the Pizzarelli album asap. Enjoy!

Your SecondHandSongs team