Attempting to log in!

2012-05-22 14:19:19 GMT

I think the website is brilliant, at providing information that I want/need.

However, it is less than useless when it comes to "logging in".

I used my normal (other) user name, then entered my password.


No error, I knew it was correct BUT I then clicked on "forgotten password" and completed the details required.

I then received a reset email with a link that took me back to the log in page!!

Maybe, I'm being thick BUT that solved nothing and still would not allow me to log in - I would have expected a link to a page that would have allowed me to choose a new password OR to have been provided with a temporary password that I could then change.

Instead, I have had to register a new account, using a different email address (SHS would not accept the one I, normally, use, because it was "already registered").

Can anyone please explain this wacky way of working?

2012-06-01 21:12:58 GMT

Denis, Mathieu, do you guys have any idea what could be wrong?

2012-06-11 14:32:48 GMT


First of all: what error did you get when trying to log in the first time with your other account? Usually you get an error when the password doesn't match.

About the recovery procedure, it should work as follows:

  • You can reset your password by using the form (like you did). Note that we store passwords in a non-recoverable way, so we always need to generate a new password.
  • After an initial password reset, you should receive an e-mail to confirm this, so nobody else can reset it.
  • After clicking the link in the e-mail, your password is reset and you should get a new e-mail with a randomly generated password.
  • After logging in with that random password, you can change it to a password of you liking by clicking on your name (top right) and choosing "change password" from the menu on the right hand.

This system should be working (I've tested), but it seems like you didn't get the second e-mail with the generated password. Maybe it got stuck in your spamfolder?

If nothing else works, we can manually reset your password for your old account as well. Send us an e-mail if you'd like that.

2012-06-14 20:38:00 GMT


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