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2012-06-26 23:04:45 GMT

Members of this site, some (surprised?) Dutch and Belgian music listeners, and a few others know about this mashup:

Yes, that's where "Venus" by the Shocking Blue came from. And yes, that's Cass Elliot in the group.

So now we have this version by Neil Young and Crazy Horse from Americana, with the song apparently still unrecognized by any reviewer I've read:

So the question is now: are any of the other Neil Young and Crazy Horse's covers of traditionals actually pre-existing versions or "sloppy arrangements", as one writer put it?

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2012-06-29 22:36:41 GMT

Alan, to answer your Q, I think it's more the latter: sloppy arrangements, except of course for this "Oh Susannah" cover. Young admits in the interview (thanks Jon) having overheard the version by Tim Rose, like Mama Cass, a member of The Big Three, taking full credit for his creation btw.

I remember feeling very embarassed when I first heard the BANJO song about a decade ago. It really puzzles me how such a big hit like Venus could hide its secret for so many years. And obviously, still does to many, incl Neil it seems.

Anyway, I looked at the Susannah page and it looks real fine by me. Props to all submitters there. I only wish somebody took care of The Rising Sun song, which is a bit messy. Wink

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