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Artist: Clarence Ashley (tsk)

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2012-07-12 21:39:17 GMT

Clarence Ashley

Hi Tim,

I highly appreciate you updated this very old entry (2003!!), but I had one little suggestion about the picture: could you crop the shaded border before uploading it?



2012-07-13 10:25:34 GMT


I haven't looked, but I might be able to find another photo of Ashby. I know nothing about cropping images so I couldn't do what you ask. If you think you can instruct me as to how to accomplish such cropping, I would give it a try.


2012-07-13 13:29:23 GMT

Which OS are you using, Windows, Linux or Mac?


2012-07-13 14:44:01 GMT


2013-11-01 20:32:43 GMT

I came across this one while going through my "To Do" folder. I've changed the photo of Ashby. Also, I have figured out how to crop photos, which I've been doing for awhile now.