Adding Youtube videos

2012-07-24 20:57:24 GMT

Do you want to help SecondHandSongs? Help us making our database more accessible to a large public by choosing the right Youtube video for the right original or cover!

How to proceed? Very simple, check out the new tutorial.

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2012-07-26 08:04:03 GMT

Hello, Bastien. Is there a way to add Yutube videos directly, i.e. w/o using the ones that come up, then click on Choose...etc. There were a couple of covers (that I was going to add tghe youtube) and the selections were poor. In one case there was only one and not the cover listed.

Thank you.


2012-07-26 09:58:36 GMT

Hi Maryhelen,

For regular members only the current interface is available, in order to limit abuse.

You are right though: it doesn't always generate the right video for the right performance. In these cases, just drop us a line on the forum, and an editor will manually add the video for you.

Thanks for already adding 13 videos by the way! Smile



2012-07-27 04:59:36 GMT

You're welcome. Here is a very good one for Frank Sinatra, Natuere Boy.