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Error in the page of Roy Orbison

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2003-12-30 22:35:57 GMT

Page of Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison

In the song You Got It, I see only one cover, but in the page of that song ...

You Got It

... I see three covers.

2004-01-01 00:48:30 GMT

Let me first explain how the site runs.

There's an admin site with dynamic pages. That site is cached every night to a static site for visitors. This reduces the load of the webserver and the database server and speeds up the page for the visitors as it is already generated.

Now, the problem is: caching of the whole site takes quite a long time and puts the database server under high load. So I decided to only re-cache pages that have changed. However, knowing which pages have changed is not straightforward. In this case the page of the artist changed because a song was created which is a cover of one of the artists songs. Calulating which pages have changed becomes an expensive operation, so I kept it reduced.

Result: some pages might not get updated, requiring a periodic manual full recaching.

Now everything should be fine again.