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Careless Love cover by Madeleine Peyroux

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2006-10-20 18:06:37 GMT

Madeleine Peyroux

Only a couple of songs in Peyroux's albums are written by her, most of them

are actually cover songs. In fact, I made my first visit to this site looking for

information on the originals.

In my opinion, the most notable covers are to be found in Careless Love (2004):

Dance me to the end of love, originally by Leonard Cohen Added in the meantime

Between the Bars, originally by Elliott Smith Added in the meantime

Weary Blues, originally by Hank Williams Added in the meantime

Careless Love (Careless Love) originally by Bessie Smith (not in database yet)

If you're interested, I can do a more complete lookup of all the other covers as well. There are more

by Bessie Smith, Leonard Cohen and quite a few others.

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