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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SDL 5 Chicken Shack Imagination Lady April 1972 Vinyl
SDL 8008 Chicken Shack featuring Stan Webb Goodbye Chicken Shack 1974 Vinyl
SML 707 The Moody Blues with The London Festival Orchestra Days of Future Passed November 1967 Vinyl
SML 711 The Moody Blues In Search of the Lost Chord July 1968 Vinyl

SML 1xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
SML 1002 Chim Kothari Sound of Sitar 1966 Vinyl
SML 1004 Cat Stevens Matthew & Son March 10, 1967 Vinyl
SML 1007 David Bowie David Bowie [1967] June 1, 1967 Vinyl
SML 1015 Ten Years After Ten Years After October 1967 Vinyl
SML 1018 Cat Stevens New Masters 1967 Vinyl
SML 1021 Amen Corner Round Amen Corner 1968 Vinyl
SML 1023 Ten Years After Undead 1968 Vinyl
SML 1029 Ten Years After Stonedhenge February 1969 Vinyl
SML 1035 The Moody Blues On the Threshold of a Dream 1969 Vinyl
SML 1039 Kathe Green Run the Length of Your Wildness 1969 Vinyl
SML 1051 'Igginbottom 'Igginbottom's Wrench 1969 Vinyl
SML 1052 Ten Years After Ssssh 1969 Vinyl
SML 1065 Ten Years After Cricklewood Green April 1970 Vinyl
SML 1066 Brotherhood of Man United We Stand 1970 Vinyl
SML 1067 White Plains White Plains 1970 Vinyl
SML 1079 Bill Fay Time Of The Last Persecution 1971 Vinyl
SML 1089 Brotherhood of Man We're the Brotherhood of Man April 1972 Vinyl
SML 1105 Michael Chapman Millstone Grit 1973 Vinyl
SML 1106 Junior Campbell Second Time Around 1972 Vinyl
SML 1111 Martin Carthy Sweet Wivelsfield 1974 Vinyl
SML 1120 Mo-Dettes The Story So Far 1980 Vinyl
SML R 1085 Anno Domini [1] On This New Day 1971 Vinyl