Musicor Records

Musicor Records
US label. It was active from 1960 to 1978.


Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
MS 3001 Gene Pitney The Many Sides of Gene Pitney 1962 Vinyl
MS 3003 Gene Pitney Only Love Can Break a Heart 1962 Vinyl
MS 3006 Gene Pitney Blue Gene 1964 Vinyl
MS 3019 Gene Pitney It Hurts to Be in Love and Eleven More Hit Songs 1964 Vinyl
MS 3044 George Jones & Gene Pitney For the First Time: Two Great Stars March 1965 Vinyl
MS 3046 George Jones Mr. Country and Western Music 1965 Vinyl
MS 3056 Gene Pitney I Must Be Seeing Things 1965 Vinyl
MS 3057 Lou Stein With Banjo and Rhythm Section Hey Louie! Play Melancholy Baby! 1966 Vinyl
MS 3060 George Jones & The Jones Boys New Country Hits July 1965 Vinyl
MS 3061 George Jones Old Brush Arbors July 1965 Vinyl
MS 3065 George Jones & Gene Pitney It's Country Time Again August 1965 Vinyl
MS 3069 Gene Pitney Looking Through the Eyes of Love August 1965 Vinyl
MS 3085 Gene Pitney Big Sixteen Volume 3 January 1966 Vinyl
MS 3088 George Jones Love Bug February 1966 Vinyl
MS 3095 Gene Pitney Backstage (I'm Lonely) June 1966 Vinyl
MS 3099 George Jones I'm a People May 1966 Vinyl
MS 3106 George Jones We Found Heaven Right Here on Earth at "4033" October 1966 Vinyl
MS 3111 The Platters The Platters Have the Magic Touch 1966 Vinyl
MS 3119 George Jones Walk Through This World with Me February 1967 Vinyl
MS 3134 Gene Pitney Golden Greats 1968 Vinyl
MS 3149 George Jones George Jones Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier 1968 Vinyl
MS 3158 George Jones If My Heart Had Windows 1968 Vinyl
MS 3164 Gene Pitney She's a Heartbreaker 1968 Vinyl
MS 3181 George Jones Where Grass Won't Grow November 1969 Vinyl
MS 3183 Gene Pitney This Is Gene Pitney Singing The Platters 1970 Vinyl
MS 3184 Hugo Winterhalter My Favorite Broadway & Hollywood Music 1969 Vinyl
MS 3185 The Platters Introducing the New Sound of The Platters... Singing the Great Hits Our Way 1969 Vinyl
MS 3186 The Royal Teens [1] Newies But Goodies 1970 Vinyl
MS 3188 George Jones Will You Visit Me on Sunday May 1970 Vinyl
MS 3190 Hugo Winterhalter Applause 1970 Vinyl
MS 3194 George Jones George Jones With Love 1971 Vinyl
MS 3195 S.O.U.L. What Is It 1971 Vinyl
MS 3242 Hot Butter Pop Corn 1972 Vinyl
MS 3254 Hot Butter More Hot Butter 1973 Vinyl
MUS 2500 The 50 Guitars The Return of The 50 Guitars 1976 Vinyl