Kapp Records

Kapp Records
Label founded in 1954 by David Kapp. It was sold to MCA in 1967, and after 1972, no further records were released under the Kapp name. The pictured logo was used throughout the 1960s.
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Audio album

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
K 820 Freddie Hart I'll Hold You in My Heart April 1967 Vinyl
K 1109 S Adele Addison and The Jubilee Singers Little David Play on Your Harp March 1959 Vinyl
K 1117 S Carmen McRae Book Of Ballads 1959 Vinyl
KJ 1016 Siravo Band Polite Jazz With the Smooth Swinging Siravo Band 1956 Vinyl
KRS 4502 Joan Toliver Joan Toliver 1964 Vinyl
KRS 5505 various artists Man of La Mancha 1966 Vinyl
KRS 5514 Chér Foxy Lady 1972 Vinyl
KS 1431 various artists Shindig 1965 Vinyl
KXL 5000 Roger Williams Songs Of The Fabulous Fifties 1957 Vinyl

KL 1xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
KL 1005 George Wettling and Frank Signorelli Keys and Skins 1955 Vinyl
KL 1012 Roger Williams Roger Williams 1956 Vinyl
KL 1015 Art Harris Jazz Goes to Post Graduate School 1956 Vinyl
KL 1024 Matt Dennis Matt Dennis Plays and Sings Matt Dennis 1956 Vinyl
KL 1026 Jerry Fielding and His Orchestra Jerry Fielding and His Orchestra Pay a Dance Concert 1956 Vinyl
KL 1034 The Dave Pell Octet The Dave Pell Octet Plays Burke & Van Heusen 1956 Vinyl
KL 1043 Jerry Wald and His Orchestra Listen to the Music of Jerry Wald and His Orchestra 1956 Vinyl
KL 1074 John Gart at the Conn Electronic Organ The Songs of South of the Border 1957 Vinyl
KL 1081 Roger Williams Till 1958 Vinyl
KL 1129 Jane Morgan Jane in Spain 1959 Vinyl
KL 1135 Carmen McRae When You're Away 1959 Vinyl
KL 1188 Delta Kings The Delta Kings At Sundown 1959 Vinyl
KL 1230 Pete Candoli For Pete's Sake 1961 Vinyl
KL 1325 Joe Harnell More Joe Harnell, More Bossa Nova Pops 1963 Vinyl
KL 1503 Sylvia Telles The Face I love 1966 Vinyl

KS 3xxx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
KS 3027 Sam Makia and the Makapuu Beach Boys Hawaii - The Fabulous Fiftieth State 1959 Vinyl
KS 3202 Brian Hyland The Bashful Blond 1960 Vinyl
KS 3226 Rod McKuen Stranger in Town October 1961 Vinyl
KS 3247 Jane Morgan Jane Morgan Sings the Big Hits From Broadway 1961 Vinyl
KS 3255 Warner Mack The Golden Country Hits 1961 Vinyl
KS 3259 Jack Jones Lollipops and Roses 1961 Vinyl
KS 3265 Jack Jones with Marty Paich, Pete King, Billy May I've Got a Lot of Livin' to Do 1962 Vinyl
KS 3266 Roger Williams Maria 1962 Vinyl
KS 3274 Miriam Makeba The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba 1962 Vinyl
KS 3279 Warner Mack The Golden Country Hits Vol 2 1962 Vinyl
KS 3281 The Chad Mitchell Trio The Chad Mitchell Trio at the Bitter End 1962 Vinyl
KS 3292 Jack Jones Gift of Love 1962 Vinyl
KS 3296 Jane Morgan What Now My Love? October 1962 Vinyl
KS 3313 The Chad Mitchell Trio Blowin' In the Wind 1963 Vinyl
KS 3324 Johnny Cymbal Mr. Bass Man April 1963 Vinyl
KS 3326 Kenny Burrell Octet Lotsa Bossa Nova! 1963 Vinyl
KS 3337 Jack Jones She Loves Me 1963 Vinyl
KS 3351 Billy Ed Wheeler A New Bag of Songs December 1963 Vinyl
KS 3352 Jack Jones Wives and Lovers 1963 Vinyl
KS 3354 Roger Williams The Solid Gold Steinway 1964 Vinyl
KS 3359 The Simon Sisters Meet the Simon Sisters 1964 Vinyl
KS 3364 Louis Armstrong Hello, Dolly! 1964 Vinyl
KS 3365 Jack Jones Bewitched 1964 Vinyl
KS 3392 Kenny Ball Kenny Ball Plays for the Jet Set 1963 Vinyl
KS 3396 Jack Jones Where Love Has Gone 1964 Vinyl
KS 3397 The Simon Sisters Cuddlebug 1964 Vinyl
KS 3399 Jack Jones The Jack Jones Christmas Album 1964 Vinyl
KS 3407 Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra The Best of '64 1964 Vinyl
KS 3414 Roger Williams Roger Williams Plays the Hits 1965 Vinyl
KS 3415 Jack Jones Dear Heart and Other Great Songs of Love 1965 Vinyl
KS 3429 Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra The Big Hits of 1965 1965 Vinyl
KS 3433 Jack Jones My Kind of Town 1965 Vinyl
KS 3434 Roger Williams Summer Wind and Your Special Requests September 1965 Vinyl
KS 3435 Jack Jones There's Love & There's Love & There's Love 1965 Vinyl
KS 3463 Bobby Helms I'm the Man January 1966 Vinyl
KS 3465 Jack Jones Jack Jones for the "in" Crowd 1966 Vinyl
KS 3486 Jack Jones The Impossible Dream 1966 Vinyl
KS 3493 Mel Tillis Stateside September 1966 Vinyl
KS 3500 Jack Jones Jack Jones Sings 1966 Vinyl
KS 3501 Roger Williams Born Free 1966 Vinyl
KS 3502 Just Us I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree November 1966 Vinyl
KS 3504 Cal Smith All the World Is Lonely Now December 1966 Vinyl
KS 3506 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys featuring Leon Rausch From the Heart of Texas October 1966 Vinyl
KS 3511 Jack Jones Lady 1967 Vinyl
KS 3512 Roger Williams Roger! 1967 Vinyl
KS 3514 Mel Tillis Life Turned Her That Way January 1967 Vinyl
KS 3516 Carson and Gaile San Antonio Rose 1967 Vinyl
KS 3531 Jack Jones Our Song 1967 Vinyl
KS 3533 Billy Edd Wheeler Paper Birds 1967 Vinyl
KS 3535 Mel Tillis Mr. Mel August 1967 Vinyl
KS 3537 Cal Smith Goin' to Cal's Place July 1967 Vinyl
KS 3539 Freddie Hart The Neon and the Rain October 1967 Vinyl
KS 3542 Bob Wills Here's That Man Again January 1968 Vinyl
KS 3543 Mel Tillis Let Me Talk to You January 1968 Vinyl
KS 3544 Cal Smith Travelin' Man January 1968 Vinyl
KS 3550 Roger Williams The Impossible Dream 1968 Vinyl
KS 3562 Silver Apples Silver Apples 1968 Vinyl
KS 3564 Cal Smith At Home with Cal 1968 Vinyl
KS 3569 Bob Wills Time Changes Everything 1968 Vinyl
KS 3573 Shani Wallis As Long As He Needs Me 1969 Vinyl
KS 3577 Burt Bacharach Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits 1965 Vinyl
KS 3584 Silver Apples Contact 1969 Vinyl
KS 3585 Cal Smith Drinking Champagne 1968 Vinyl
KS 3594 Mel Tillis Who's Julie March 1969 Vinyl
KS 3601 Bob Wills Bob Wills Plays the Greatest String Band Hits 1969 Vinyl
KS 3608 Cal Smith Cal Smith Sings August 1969 Vinyl
KS 3609 Mel Tillis Old Faithful August 1969 Vinyl
KS 3628 Cal Smith Country Hit Parade August 1970 Vinyl
KS 3632 El Chicano Viva tirado 1970 Vinyl
KS 3636 Linda Perhacs Parallelograms 1970 Vinyl
KS 3640 El Chicano Revolucion March 1971 Vinyl
KS 3645 Roger Williams Love Story 1971 Vinyl
KS 3649 Cher Cher 1971 Vinyl
KS 3650 Roger Williams Summer of '42 1971 Vinyl
KS 3660 Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need Is You 1972 Vinyl
KS 3671 Roger Williams Play Me 1972 Vinyl
KS 3673 Andy & David Williams Meet Andy & David Williams 1972 Vinyl